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5 Phenomenal Reasons to Travel to Africa

Why Africa?

If you’re at this page, then you’re one step closer to experiencing the African trip of a lifetime! We deliberately avoid organising “group tours”, preferring custom-made itineraries that mean you receive the very best value for money and a truly, authentic and immersive African experience you will never, ever forget.

There is little that will compare with a bespoke trip with us, exploring Africa intimately and at your own pace, with all the creature comforts. Here’s five compelling reasons to whet your appetite:

1. The World’s Most Magnificent Wildlife

Witnessing the Big Five up close and personal (namely the big game animals including lion, leopard, Cape buffalo, rhinoceros and the always entertaining elephant) is certainly a major drawcard for visiting Africa.

But there are also the perhaps ‘less notable’ creatures that are an intrinsic part of Africa’s diverse landscape. Stand outs include the intelligent African wild dog; the vibrant and unpredictable zebra; the opportunistic and powerful, if often maligned, hyena; the many different kinds of antelope and, of course, the stunning array of bird life that call Africa home.

5 Phenomenal Reasons to Travel to Africa »

2. Something to Suit All Personality Types

Once you’ve experienced the adrenalin rush of an African safari, nothing beats putting your feet up to enjoy some good, old fashioned R & R. Our tailor-made itineraries give you a perfect blend of high time and down time. Whether young or young at heart; honeymooner; or travelling as a family, our destinations will introduce you to a fascinating mix of traditional life with all the modern concessions set against a backdrop of jaw-dropping beauty and natural wonder. 

Tanzanian beach honeymoon holiday

3. Unusual and Off-the-Beaten-Track Experiences

We don’t just follow the predictable touristy routes when inviting you to explore Africa’s wide and varied destinations, we take you on an authentic, totally immersive experience! This includes meeting the people, hearing the language and experiencing the culture (a little off the beaten track). It also includes tasting the diverse range of foods that make up African cuisine, sometimes in the most unusual settings! Then, of course, explore the scenery and wildlife — at your own pace —which is simply beyond compare. Read more about what we think are the best places in Africa for wildlife viewing

photographers on african safari

4. Feel Good by “Giving Back”

It’s a good feeling to know that, just by visiting certain destinations, you are contributing to the people who live there. They will embrace you and be appreciative of your presence. 

Hwange National Park The Hide tented luxury accommodation Zimbabwe Africa

5. Spectacular Photographic Opportunities

Photographic opportunities often form a large part of our clients’ agenda and we ensure that you will always have a first-class seat while on safari — in absolute safety and comfort with the most professional and experienced trackers Africa can provide.

Whether your preference is desert or delta, rain forest or vast plain, magnificent mountains or spectacular water falls, the African continent has it all. Read more about the masterful trackers that will show you Africa’s wildlife and landscape while on safari

Sabi Sabi African safari trackers in jeep with game

We invite you to learn more about our experienced team. Don’t just take another overseas holiday: treat yourself to the “Experience of a Lifetime!”

Our destinations are safe, supremely comfortable and tailored to suit a mid- to upper-range budget. Our clients repeatedly tell us that we exceed expectations (see for yourself!) Let us do this for YOU.

Africa’s top destinations fill up many months, to a year, in advance so let us start planning for you now.

5 Phenomenal Reasons to Travel to Africa »


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