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Destinations Africa is a dedicated African travel specialist committed to providing African wildlife safari and holiday experiences that are exceptional in every way. All your African travel dreams can come true! Visit the most spectacular African destinations with accommodation options to suit both discerning clients who expect the very best, as well as the more budget-conscious traveller. So whether you are planning to travel as an individual, a couple, a small group or a family with a 3 star or 6+ star budget or anything in-between we can design and book the perfect itinerary for you.

Anyone can book a standard holiday or safari for you – indeed you can even book one yourself. But Destinations Africa know Africa like the back of our hand and can design a trip that is perfect for you as well as your budget. Learn more about the attractions of this incredibly diverse continent by reading our blogs as well as the other information on our website. With Destinations Africa you are assured of the best in personal service and seamless travel while you mix luxury with natural wonders, diverse cultures as well as the excitement of the wild and untamed. There is no need to compromise on a quality experience when the best – an itinerary designed by Destinations Africa – costs you no more than if you booked it yourself!

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Our knowledge is unrivalled our service commendable. Access that knowledge to arrange your perfect escape (designed to cost no more than if booked directly yourself). Armed with 24/7 emergency numbers and pre-arranged personal transfers from every point of departure, you are free to explore the wonders of Africa in perfect safety and comfort

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