The Destinations Africa Difference

Bespoke Luxury African Safaris

An African safari company with a difference

Our speciality is providing you with an exclusive, private African safari tour. Your itinerary will be completely personalised; tailored specifically to your preferences. Your safety and convenience is assured; we are responsive and attentive at every stage of your trip with a comprehensive knowledge of your safari destinations. Your every stop is carried out in safety, security and perfect comfort.

All you are left to do is savour and enjoy the soulful wildlife experiences that will stay with you long after you have returned home. This is what it means to travel with Destinations Africa, the premier boutique African safari company in Australia.

In fact, this is just the beginning of how, for years, we have differentiated ourselves as Australian luxury African safari tour specialists – and why so many of our guests become friends and repeat travellers to Africa for life. Let us show you:

We know africa - it's in our blood

Africa is our first love. Most of our team were either born, or have lived a significant portion of their lives in Africa, and it is where our hearts lie. Though our African safari company is based in Australia, the very reason our bespoke safari service exists is out of a desire to share our passion with others (while giving us as many excuses as possible to return to the African continent ourselves!)

We have expended exhaustive amounts of time and energy researching, travelling to, interacting with, and vetting each and every safari destination that we recommend. We make these recommendations only because we have personally experienced the level of quality, luxury, service and skill on offer by each service provider, as well as the sublime wildlife experiences available at the locations on our list. We are also confident these destinations are safe.

Let’s say this another way: Instead of being a mere travel agency, Destinations Africa is a bespoke, personalised tour service that focuses on Africa because we love it. And that’s why we know it so well – it’s an essential part of who we are. We invite you to meet our African Safari team

Consummate Service Around the Clock

We love what we do so we are naturally attentive, engaged, and completely passionate about delivering the most noteworthy experience possible when you decide to allow us to help you create your luxury African safari holiday. Most of all, we are genuinely interested in you, and what you desire to experience, accomplish, and enjoy on your trip to Africa.

Moreover, throughout your trip, you will find, without question, that we have only one concern on our minds. That is to attend to your needs and make certain that every query, every concern and every detail of your
trip is accounted for. We make ourselves available to you around the clock, 24/7, so that at all times during
your trip, you know there is someone you can depend upon. That’s just how we do business.

We make african travel a breeze

Thanks to our comprehensive knowledge of our destinations and the protocols of travel, you will discover
that your safari to Africa is a thoroughly enjoyable, comfortable, relaxing and, above all, thrilling experience. The purpose of our service is to take the responsibility for organising all those little details out of your hands, so that
you can focus on just one thing: enjoying and immersing yourself in your African safari holiday.

We are also able to arrange safaris for groups of varying sizes, whether individuals, couples, families, or
small groups – just let us know who’s coming!

Arrangements for corporate incentive travel are also available on request.

Total Safety with VIP Transit

Naturally, your safety is our first priority. To guarantee your comfort and security at every point of your
journey, we will meet you at every transfer point along the way to ensure your transition is safe and

Whether this is meeting you at the airport to transfer you to your hotel, or at an airfield in the middle of
the wilderness after a charter aircraft flight, we guarantee a Destinations Africa representative will be on
the ground waiting for you. You will never be left to make a transfer on your own.

Life Changing Wildlife Experiences

How can we describe the way it feels to watch a lioness stalk a zebra in order to feed her cubs? To witness up close the sublime tranquility in an elephant’s eyes? To observe the playful young of the endangered mountain gorillas? Or to physically be in the midst of the Great Migration, where over a million wildebeest and other
large mammals attempt to cross a great river in search of food, all whilst braving the threat of hungry

Indeed, there’s safari and then there’s a Destinations Africa private safari.

Remember, when on safari, you’re not visiting the local zoo. Rather, you are enjoying some of the world’s most stunning creatures in their natural habitat. You are in the moment; observing the visceral struggle of a life and death in the wild and truly becoming one with nature. Safaris like this take commitment, respect, and significant knowledge on the part of our dedicated guides and tour operators. These safaris are no mere tourist attraction – rather, they are the opportunity of a lifetime.

Incredible Value for Money

Our special offer to you is that a luxury, personalised safari with us will cost no more than if you organised
it yourself. This means you benefit from our expertise, our time, our relationships throughout Africa and our constant and ongoing attention and commitment to providing you with an unforgettable experience.

Due to our close relationships with our service providers, established in many cases, over years, as well as our low overheads on account of our boutique nature, we can pass huge savings on to you. Taking your African trip with us is only full of advantages!

Learn more about our private African safari price guides.


If you’re looking for an African safari company in Australia, all that we ask is that you get in touch with us first, so that we have an opportunity to show you what we offer and to discuss your options. Our itineraries are individually tailored to various budgets, so please don’t assume that our safaris are out of your reach.

It would be our pleasure to help you create your journey to Africa.