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Destinations Africa was established in 2007 to allow John Mitchell-Adams to share his love of Africa with others. John and/or one of his team travel to Africa each and every year, seeking out new lodges, activities and African safari trips. We ensure that all properties and services on our preferred list continue to meet our exacting standards. Those that do not are withdrawn and never used again. Destinations Africa focus on delivering only the very best personalised services to ensure your custom made private safari tour/holiday will be both exciting and memorable. Your comfort and safety (including full VIP transit) and the promise of the holiday of a lifetime, reflecting the true excitement and mystery of this magical continent and its people, is the uncompromising core of our philosophy.

Meet the team

John Mitchell-Adams

John grew up on a farm in what was then Rhodesia and still speaks fluent (though somewhat rusty) Shona – a local dialect. His love of Africa, its wildlife and the bush was developed from a very early age.

Having left his farm in what is now known as Zimbabwe, he still maintained his passion for Africa, its wildlife and the bush.

"Africa is where you make emotional memories that last forever
– you will never forget how you were made to feel.”

From farming he went into other occupations such as crop dusting and even aircraft sales and demonstration, which brought him to far flung corners of Africa. Following those adventurous times he retreated to the corporate world only to find that it held far fewer attractions than the natural world.

So after a number of years in that man-made world he decided to pursue his passion for Africa and set up a dedicated African travel business to introduce others to this amazing continent in safety and comfort. John now enjoys the best of both worlds living in Australia but with ample excuses to return to Africa regularly.


    Hilary (John’s wife) grew up in Ireland and when introduced to Africa in 2003 became enthralled with the place, its people and especially the wild life. She is an integral part of the team and she uses her wordsmithing skills to write about Africa in blogs on our website and elsewhere. As a Director she is a great sounding board for all the new destinations that we visit to determine whether or not they should be on our recommended list as she is able to see and experience the many places from a completely different perspective!

  • Laurence Van Niekerk

    Laurence was born and lived South Africa for 45 years. During this time, accompanied by his wife, he travelled from Durban, up the East Coast of Africa, into Ethiopia and Eritrea, worked in refugee camps in Tanzania and Cameroon. Experienced the ramba of West Africa in Mali, Mauritania and crossed the western Sahara into Morocco.

  • Faye Hubbard

    Faye joined Destinations Africa early in December 2009. She has lived in South Africa for most of her life. Her love of African wild life has enticed her into the travel industry where she is be able to share her enthusiasm in organising wildlife safaris. She has a BSc. (Hons) majoring in animal behaviour. She has also completed a course in International Wildlife Rehabilitation. Her work experience includes that of Pachyderm Keeper at the Johannesburg Zoo. She resides in Brisbane.

  • Sue White

    Travel Consultant

    Sue joined Destinations Africa in early March 2022.

    Sue has over 35 years travel experience as a Travel Consultant, Senior Team Leader and Project Manager all positions held within the same Global Travel Company.

    Sue’s first taste of Africa was with her late father in 1986 when they travelled to Kenya, Zimbabwe and Tanzania. Since then she has always had a passion for Africa its wildlife and its people which was again reignited in 2015 when she joined Destinations Africa on their Savanna Plus Tour.

    Destinations Africa has given Sue the opportunity to continue working in an industry she loves whilst combining her passion for Africa as a destination and her wildlife photography.

    Sue lives in Port Stephens NSW.

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If you’re looking for an African safari company in Australia, all that we ask is that you get in touch with us first, so that we have an opportunity to show you what we offer, and to discuss your options. Our itineraries are individually tailored to various budgets, so please don’t assume that our safaris are out of your reach. Please let us assist you on your journey. It would be our pleasure.