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Rhodesian Rescue Mission Safari

Remember the old days when Rhodesia was called the bread basket of Africa? Imagine now that basket empty of bread with only a few crumbs remaining! Remember the gentle souls with whom you shared your daily life? Imagine them now battling for survival! Rhodesia might now have a new name and be irreparably changed from…

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Planning an African Safari

I have been asked how do we plan a safari for you? What do we know to be able to do this successfully that anyone out there does not know? A deep knowledge and understanding of every place that we would send a client to is imperative. Excellent knowledge of the geography, accessibility, means of…

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What Motivates People To Visit Africa?

This month I want to talk about what motivates people to visit Africa and then cover some alternatives to the mainstream reasons for your consideration. We are usually told that the guest wishes to “see the big 5”. Seldom are we told by these guests that they want to “experience” Africa and its wild life.…

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News On Botswana Game Lodges

It is a never ending source of frustration to me that the game lodges in Botswana are so expensive relative to others in neighbouring countries. We have had many prospective clients either decline or go to alternatives in Africa due to cost. However…………… we have good news! Not only do we have great relationships with…

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The Diversity of Africa

Africa is a continent with massive variations in topography, cultures, wild life diversity, drought, flood, conflict and tears!! This is exactly what makes a land that everyone should visit at least once in a lifetime. It is a place that, once visited, will infect you with a deep desire to return. We have a number…

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Best Locations To See Wildlife In Africa

Cape Town is a great place to see wild life as those locals really know how to throw a party! But seriously if it is “wildlife” rather than a “wild life” you are seeking then it does not get any better than the Sabi Sands Private Game Reserve which is adjacent to the well-known Kruger…

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V&A Mountain View

Top Hotels To Stay At When Visiting Cape Town

Cape Town is a great place to catch your breath between wildlife safaris (as well as balancing out the relatively high cost of safari accommodation) as it is a very good value and a fabulous tourist destination. Mount Nelson Hotel As usual there is something for all tastes and budgets. My personal preferences are listed…

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Cape Town

A Special Wildlife Safari

They arrived on the wings of the four winds, so to speak, some from Namibia, some from Zimbabwe, some from Cape Town and others directly from Oz the previous day. All congregating with the singular purpose of enjoying Destinations Africa’s annual Savanna Plus wildlife safari. Not alone were all but three of the participants experienced…

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How To Prepare For a Wildlife Safari

1. Select a reputable “destination expert” Why? Because they can provide a guiding hand to ensure you get the very best out of your safari. While Africa can be a good value for money destination with the South African Rand weak against most first world currencies, safari accommodation tends to be relatively expensive (at least…

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The Best Things About a Wildlife Safari

A wildlife safari is a holiday like no other. It is a real opportunity to catch your breath and get back in step with the rhythm of Mother Earth. It brings one back in touch with nature and nature in its most primal form at that. While we have all been exposed to African animals…

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Wildlife Safari

5 Great Things To Do In South Africa

Go on a wildlife safari The main reason tourists visit Africa is surely to witness the amazing wildlife and there is nowhere better to do so than South Africa with a variety of both public and private game reserves. The primary game area is the greater Kruger which incorporates a large national park as well…

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Luxury Wildlife Safari

What to expect from a luxury wildlife safari

When my African born husband first proposed our first safari together, I had visions of demountable tents, rock hard beds, pretty ordinary food, a blizzard of insects and lastly but most concerning of all potential exposure to my nemesis, snakes. Being of completely reptile paranoid Irish extraction, I have taken every precaution over the last…

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