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Update on Zimbabwe

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As we are all aware Zimbabwe recently held its first election since the despotic Mugabe was deposed in November last year. As is typical in Africa the election was emotionally charged and there was insurrection in the capital, Harare, immediately after the results were announced. This, of course, attracted International attention, with the ugly violence…

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Day Zero in Cape Town

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Have you been concerned about travelling to Cape Town, South Africa because of the current drought and the threat of ‘Day Zero’ ? We have received fantastic news today, the South African Government has announced that due to the great water saving measures adopted by both the Cape Town locals and tourists, Day Zero has…

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Why you should go on a safari to Africa

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Safari!! Just the word makes you excited as to what may lie ahead! Safari can be defined as an expedition to observe animals in their natural habitat. From the Swahili – “to journey or to travel”. Africa is synonymous with wild life and wild life safaris. A safari to Africa will de – stress you…

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The Value Of Our Service

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It is almost impossible to put a value on a great safari experience, which is, of course, primarily, what Destinations Africa provides. According to our clients we have our finest-ever team and their knowledge and service is simply unbeatable. Again according to our clients, everything else is pretty damned good too and we are offering…

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The allure of the ‘Green Season – Botswana

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Continuing with our thread, the allure of the ‘Green Season’, we are going to explore the Botswana Safari tours ‘Green Season’ (late November to end of March) highlights and opportunities. Botswana Many in the industry confess that the ‘Green Season’ is in fact their favourite time to visit Botswana, as there are fewer tourists, the…

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The allure of the ‘Green Season’

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If you are anything like me, the endless drab grey winter days, have you dreaming of the return of warm weather, dinner outside on a balmy evening with the chirp of crickets, and the beauty of an approaching summer thunderstorm. So in this four part blog we are going to provide insights into the allure…

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Experiences of Africa

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When considering the destination of roads less travelled, and in particular ‘darkest deepest Africa’, often the mind puts up the ‘Stop’ sign. Unfortunately this negative perception prevents many prospective travellers from experiencing the exceptional Wildlife viewing; the spectacular sunsets/ sunrises over the African savannah; and the beautiful hospitality of beaming African smiles. At Destinations Africa…

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Planning an African Safari

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I have been asked how do we plan a safari for you? What do we know to be able to do this successfully that anyone out there does not know? A deep knowledge and understanding of every place that we would send a client to is imperative. Excellent knowledge of the geography, accessibility, means of…

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What Motivates People To Visit Africa?

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This month I want to talk about what motivates people to visit Africa and then cover some alternatives to the mainstream reasons for your consideration. We are usually told that the guest wishes to “see the big 5”. Seldom are we told by these guests that they want to “experience” Africa and its wild life.…

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News On Botswana Game Lodges

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It is a never ending source of frustration to me that the game lodges in Botswana are so expensive relative to others in neighbouring countries. We have had many prospective clients either decline or go to alternatives in Africa due to cost. However…………… we have good news! Not only do we have great relationships with…

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The Diversity of Africa

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Africa is a continent with massive variations in topography, cultures, wild life diversity, drought, flood, conflict and tears!! This is exactly what makes a land that everyone should visit at least once in a lifetime. It is a place that, once visited, will infect you with a deep desire to return. We have a number…

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Best Locations To See Wildlife In Africa

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Cape Town is a great place to see wild life as those locals really know how to throw a party! But seriously if it is “wildlife” rather than a “wild life” you are seeking then it does not get any better than the Sabi Sands Private Game Reserve which is adjacent to the well-known Kruger…

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