Why Choose a Private African Safari over a Group Tour?

The Benefits of Your Own Private African Safari

Group Tour Versus Private Luxury Safari

We customise & organise luxury African safaris. In Swahili, safari means “to travel or journey”, and for most of our clients this means that they want a top quality, authentic experience without worrying about the logistics and transfers.

We have years of experience creating memorable African safari experiences for people and each one we create with equal pride and lasting enthusiasm. We offer a 5-star service based on the feedback from our clients!

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By contrast, the word “tour” in the travel industry is generally accepted as meaning a group type tour with fixed dates, itineraries and pricing. In our experience, group tours serve a place and a purpose, but they are not what we’re about.

Group tours, with their ‘one size fits all’ model, or derivations of this, almost always mean you need to compromise. We don’t believe your African holiday experience should ever be a compromise.


Control, Not Compromise

An African wildlife safari with us will consider all aspects — time, where, what, who, when, how much. And, perhaps most importantly, what you don’t know, we know to ask because we have the knowledge and experience.

We proudly provide you with a truly authentic African safari experience in which you determine the course of action (well, within the realms of what nature will allow of course!) What’s more, you can still enjoy luxury and creature comforts whilst experiencing the unbeatable adrenaline rush of an African safari.

And because of our long established relationships with our service providers, and our low overheads, a private safari with us comes at a cost less than if you were organising it yourself!

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Your African Wildlife Safari game drives, lodges and hosts

The people you meet on your African safari holiday can make a massive different in your level of satisfaction. If you have a travel budget for the best quality experience, then we will make sure that you are greeted by professionals and experts at every stage of your journey.

Whether that means being greeted at every stage of transit from lodge to game reserve or landing strip or the amount of time you get to speak with an African wildlife expert, we make sure you get the best.

Rather than have you greeted by a professional “host or hostess” we make sure you are greeted by an expert and that you have access to that expert for that part of your journey. If you want to have the best African wildlife experience we’ll make sure that the host for your game drive is available not just during the drive, but while you are having breakfast, at lunchtime and at dinner at the end of the day.

You’ll be able to ask all your questions and have them answered by an expert and best of all you’ll be able to speak with this person before, during and after your exhilarating game drive experience.

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Your Destinations Africa team is not merely a travel agency. We are dedicated to providing a bespoke, personalised service because we know and love Africa – it’s an essential part of who we are. 

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