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Enjoying the Creature Comforts While on Safari


viewing elephants while on safari to south africa from australia

We’ve written before about why the decision to take off on an African safari does not mean trading in your creature comforts. In fact, you will witness the incomparable African game parks and reserves — all while staying in tented accommodation — the style of which gives camping a whole new meaning!

The Allure of Tented Accommodation — Safari Style

You’ll feel as if you’re one with the vast African wilderness when you sit back and take in a cool drink from under a magnificent canvas canopy that is your tented accommodation — luxury style.

tented accommodation safari south africa from australia

It’s hard to explain in words the feeling of staying in tented accommodation — but we have certainly done our best in a previous blog! Certainly, while luxury African wildlife safari accommodation may include some canvas, that’s about where the idea of traditional camping ends. You certainly don’t put up your own tents, nor, of course, do you do your own cooking or laundry. In fact, the whole notion of hardship or roughing it doesn’t come into play here.

When on safari, your accommodation usually comprises a permanent, fixed establishment with all the mod cons — many even feature air conditioning. All the lodges that we use also include ensuite bathroom, irresistible food and the comfiest of beds imaginable: mostly king-sized and luxuriously festooned with pillows and cushions and protected by mosquito nets. Many more lodges also include private plunge pools and outdoor swimming pools.

We personally visit the various lodges included on our safaris before placing them on our recommended list – many don’t even make the cut. That way, all you have to do is relax, get your camera out if you want to and enjoy the spectacle, in a way that enables you to be immersed and part of it all.

The Exhilaration Without the Danger

Africa is a place where you can get up close and personal with the wildlife without being in danger (as long as you take heed of the common sense precautions and rules that have been set in place to ensure the safety of all safari goers).

Your game rangers or guides are highly trained professionals possessing a profound knowledge and understanding of the wild life. They also know how best to manage your wildlife experience and expectations. Their job is to ensure your safety and enjoyment.

Of course, very rarely, an accident can happen but in our many years of experience, these mishaps have always involved people who are not with a guide and who break the rules or have no idea what they are doing.

For the most part, the wild life regard us as noisy, but harmless creatures who don’t interfere with their lives. Perhaps most importantly, we’re not on the predators menus — which, aside from providing substantial peace of mind, is just how you want it to be for a ‘fly on the wall’ experience.

Read in more detail the experiences on one of our Savanna Plus Safari travellers

Safety, Security and Perfect Comfort

More than 30 million tourists visit Africa each year. There is no more danger travelling in most African countries than there is in other parts of the world. We have expended exhaustive amounts of time and energy researching, travelling to, interacting with, and vetting each and every safari destination that we recommend. We really are specialists in African safari holidays.

We make any and all of our recommendations only because we have personally experienced the level of quality, luxury, service and skill on offer by each service provider. We also rate as highly the sublime wildlife experiences available at the locations on our list. We are also confident these destinations are safe. You can find out more about  what we regard as our top five best value African safari lodges and why.

The Right Price

Not only can we design a trip that is perfect for you, we can design it to fit your budget. Thanks to our superb relationships with our preferred lodges and other providers, we can arrange a bespoke African safari holiday from Australia at a price that is just as affordable as if you had booked the customised trip yourself.

If you’d like to know more, fill out our no-obligation itinerary form with some of your details and preferences, and one of our experienced team members will get back to you shortly.


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