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So, you’ve decided to go on Safari! You’re excited, you’re set, you have a small group of family or friends ready to go, and then the question arises — do you travel on a prepackaged tour as part of a larger group, or do you purchase a bespoke African safari experience?

In our minds, the answer is pretty straightforward: go private and bespoke. The answer as to why we don’t do group tours is so obvious to us, we’re concerned that we might sound a bit one-sided! So read on for our explanation as to why we feel this way.

The Problem with Prepackaged Group Tours

Here’s a little story:

David and Joan, and their friends Sam and Erica, decided to go on an African safari together. When investigating their options, they saw they could save a little money with another operator by booking a safari as part of a larger tour group, with pre-planned activities and destinations. Thinking that they would get everything they wanted out of a safari without having to pay full price, they went on their safari, full of anticipation and excitement.

However, not everything went as expected. Although their guides were professional and their lodge amenities were pleasant, they didn’t get to see all the wildlife they wanted. With their rigid schedule, they found that their time for viewing was limited, and they were prevented from going where they liked. They were also often at the mercy of group decisions when opportunities came their way, and with a couple of individuals in the group being particularly vocal they felt their opinions were ignored on more than one occasion. Joan also found that her personality severely clashed with another gentleman in the group, which left a bad taste in her mouth.

They each returned home, having had an okay, but not great, experience. They took some good photos, but in a few years largely forgot about their safari, and wrote it off as just another holiday.

The Private Bespoke African Safari Advantage

Here’s an alternative, brief story:

Elizabeth and Michael invited their friends Sarah and Andrew on safari. Having been to Africa on several occasions, Elizabeth and Michael knew exactly how to get the most out of their trip, and especially wanted to make sure their friends had a good experience as it was their first time travelling to the African continent.

Michael took responsibility for the group, and after consulting with each group member he worked closely with their tour operator to book a bespoke African safari holiday that would cover all their interests in terms of the wildlife they wanted to see, and the activities they wanted to do. With their custom Africa tour itinerary, they were free to travel exactly where they wanted, when they wanted, and for the length of time they preferred.

They also had the flexibility to change some details “on the fly” – for instance, when out on a game drive, Karen was disappointed that they hadn’t yet seen a leopard. After a quick discussion within the group, they decided to stay out for another hour to see if they could make a sighting. Their driver obliged, they travelled a little further, and they were fortunate enough to witness the thrilling sight of a leopard stalking an impala before returning to camp.

They had a tremendous time, and returned home full of exhilarating experiences, positive memories, and strengthened friendships. They remembered their trip fondly as one of the best they had ever been on.

The Destinations Africa Difference

These stories are technically works of fiction, but they represent real experiences that happen each and every day out on safari. The fact is, anyone can book a standard African holiday or safari for you, and you can even book one online yourself!

However, the staff at Destinations Africa have the distinct advantage of knowing Africa intimately like very few operators do. Africa is our true passion and we know it like the back of our hand, so to speak (or probably better!)

We can design a trip that is perfect for your group, as well as your budget — and thanks to our superb relationships with our preferred lodges and other providers — we can do this at a price that is just as affordable as if you had booked the custom trip yourself.

Are you looking for a bespoke, fully customised African safari itinerary for your trip of a lifetime? Just request an itinerary from us, and we can have you and your group on a tailor-made holiday you’ll never forget.


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