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Panoramic African Water Views for Tranquility Unlike Any Other


Panoramic African Water Views for Tranquility Unlike Any Other » water safaris

A great many of the people who travel with us are seasoned global travellers; returning from their Destinations Africa experience, their testimonials and feedback are effusive of the time they have had visiting Africa: see for yourself.

So many Australians, and of course, travellers the world over, list travel to Africa on their bucket list: What is it about Africa that lures people so? Certainly the major draw cards include the Big 5, the seasonally contrasting natural landscapes (for instance, the unrivalled beauty of Africa’s ‘Green Season’) and the unique and largely untouched nature of African native culture.

However, unknown to many people is that, along with the sweeping plains that Africa is so known for, there are destinations within the continent that feature abundant waterways and rivers, breathtaking water falls and ocean beaches. In fact, the beautiful beachside resorts of Zanzibar in Tanzania and sunny Mozambique are second to none!

We Will Give You a “Truly Authentic” African Experience

Once you begin researching Africa, you’ll soon realise there are virtually no limitations to all there is to see and do.  We are specialists in travel to Africa because we love it; we have experienced this captivating continent in person and know firsthand what makes it memorable.

We go to great lengths to provide authentic African experiences when planning our itineraries. You can also select the activities that appeal to you on a personal level, whether planning a family trip to connect with nature, or a luxury exotic escape solo or with your partner.Luxury African Safaries at sunsafaris-bumi-hills-safari-lodge-Zimbabwe Luxury accommodation

African Waterway Experiences

Have you considered an African holiday by the water? Some of our most popular packages are catered for those people looking to explore the beautiful waterways of Africa.

Here are some for consideration:

  • Zanzibar (Tanzania)
  • Lake Victoria (lies mainly in Tanzania and Uganda but borders on Kenya)
  • Okavango Delta Camps (Botswana)
  • Savute River camps (Botswana)
  • Kwando Camps along Kwando River (Northern  Botswana)
  • Kings Pool (Northern Botswana)
  • Chobe River hotels and camps (Botswana)
  • Imbabala Camp on the Zambezi River
  • Victoria Falls camps and hotels (in between Zambia and Zimbabwe)
  • Lake Kariba camps eg. Changa and Bumi Hills (border of Zambia and Zimbabwe)
  • Lower Zambezi camps eg. Chiawa, Old Mondoro and Chongwe River Camp (Zambia)
  • Mana Pools Kanga Camp (Zimbabwe)
  • South Luangwa National Park camps along the Luangwa river
  • Lake Nakuru and Lake  Naivasha (Kenya)

Find out why we are the African safari specialists for Australians. Learn more about our African safaris and let us create for you a tailor-made luxury African safari itinerary.


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