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The Diversity of Africa and her Endangered Species

Why Africa?

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We believe that everyone should go on  safari to Africa — at least once in their lifetime.  It is a place that, once visited, will infect you with a deep desire to return. The testimonials from our clients (many now friends) speak for themselves and it is thrilling how many people have travelled with us multiple times and keep coming back for more.

It is said that Maropeng (the cradle of humankind) is where we all started. A visit to Africa is certainly both educational and entertaining!

What is the Future of Africa?

As much as the reasons for visiting Africa never seem to end, it is sobering to reflect on what will be left for future generations to see, experience and enjoy. Many creatures in Africa are threatened with extinction; the obvious one being the rhinoceros.

However, how often do we think of the smaller creatures that inhabit both the forests and the savannahs of Africa? What about bees for instance? They are absolutely essential for the pollination of many plant species and yet humans are indiscriminately killing them with chemicals during crop spraying and so forth.

The Many Emotions of an African Safari Holiday

It is likely that a trip to Africa will elicit many heady emotions within you. Excitement, anticipation, fear, joy, sadness, wonder, anger, surprise and, of course, WOW!! We arrange and plan your safari and try give you the opportunity to experience most, if not all, of these emotions.

Excitement — at the beginning of each day on the first safari. What are we going to experience, see and feel today?
Anticipation — when we watch a big cat stalking its prey.
Fear — when a huge elephant comes right up to you in your vehicle and sniffs your hair with his trunk.
Joy — at the sight of a mother lion or leopard tenderly playing with and attending to her cubs.
Sadness — when we see little cubs killed by a marauding male lion or hyena.
Wonder — at the magnificent Victoria Falls in full flood or the unrivalled wetland ecosystem that is the Okavango Delta.
Anger — when we see the carcass of a Rhino killed and poached for a horn that serves no useful purpose to any man.
Surprise — at the truly body-vibrating sound of a massive male lion roaring a few feet away from you!
WOW!! — when one of a million amazing sights, sounds, smells and feelings invade you and completely take over your being!

Why Choose Us?

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Destinations Africa specialises exclusively in bespoke, personalised safaris to Africa. Unlike a travel agency, our experienced team does not operate in any other part of the world and you’ll see that many of our staff members are of African origin. We travel to Africa, year after year, constantly vetting our tour operators, accommodation and all other activities, and exploring new authentic African experiences that we can recommend to you.

We love Africa wholeheartedly and we believe it shows in the quality of the feedback and testimonials we receive from our valued clients. We have a very intimate knowledge and understanding of how to provide maximum value and enjoyment to our guests, whether families, work colleagues, groups of friends, couples or singles. Every itinerary is planned specifically for you.

Africa is not a cheap destination (see our general rule of thumb when it comes to pricing) but it offers fantastic value for money. Cost only becomes an issue in the absence of value and we make it our job to ensure you receive the very best value. We are available to speak with you 24/7 and discuss your plans, ideas and to answer any questions that you may have.

Find out why we’re not a travel agency — we’re Australian African safari travel specialists. It would be a privilege for us to create the African trip of a lifetime for you.


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