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Why should I travel to Africa

Why Africa?

The simple answer is that an African holiday is nothing short of amazing! It is another world and defies expectations. One of our clients commented on her return to Australia that of all the holidays she and her husband had in their 47 years of marriage, it was simply the best and she couldn’t find adequate words to describe it! Many of our clients have returned to report that their African holiday exceeded their expectations

Africa has something to offer everyone including:


  • The battlefields of the Boer War in which a small band of volunteers engaged the British in a three year conflict which proved to be the longest, costliest, bloodiest and most humiliating war Britain had fought since the Napoleonic wars.
  • Victoria Falls which David Livingstone declared to be “a sight so wonderful that angels must have gazed down on it in flight”
  • The Ancient Zimbabwe Ruins, which dates back to the 11th century and, according to legend was the seat of the Queen of Sheba

Africa has diverse cultures which vary not only from country to country but from location to location within the country. One thing that does not vary is music – all Africans seem to have music in their souls.

Game viewing is obviously the primary reason for a visit to Africa! There is a proliferation of national parks and reserves with a panorama of wildlife. From the flat flood plain of the Okavango Delta (a bird-lover’s paradise) to the rugged Lowveld around the Kruger, to the Gorilla Mountains, there is much from which to choose with your choice being largely dependent on budget and your wildlife “wishlist”.

Apart from the big 5 (lion, leopard, rhino, buffalo and elephant) there is so much to enjoy for example the funny little wart hog kneeling to feed and running with their spiky tails erect like car aerials or the graceful giraffe who watches you as you pass by!

Apart from Victoria Falls, which is the adventure capital of Africa with activities like white water rafting, bungee jumping, other African locations offer adventures such as white shark diving, sardine run adventures, canoe and kayak trails and even balloon rides (for the less adventurous)

The parks and game reserves are themselves very picturesque. Outside the parks and game reserves one is spoiled for choice

  • from the urban beauty of Cape Town to the natural beauty of Victoria Falls.
  • the Cape Winelands which are located in the alpine-like central Cape Fold Belt of mountains has much more to offer than wine!
  • the Garden Route is a bit of a misnomer in that it is not a tour of gardens but of selfdriveable meander along the coast of the Western Cape
  • the Ngorongoro Crater mixes wildlife with amazing scenery including the pink horizon created by flocks of flamingos
  • The Okavango Delta and best experienced silently slipping along the waterlily encrusted tranquil waters in a mokoro (a traditional dug-out canoe.)

Scenery of a completely different kind is found in Namibia, the land God reputedly made in anger

Although impossible to beat Australia’s beautiful beaches, Africa has its fair share like

Finally for the completely addicted, a trip to Africa does not have to mean withdrawal from the subject of addiction with world championship courses at Sun City and Leopard Creek.

Once exposed to its charm, Africa keeps calling you back (even if, like me, you had no desire to go there in the first place!) My theory about that is – we feel at home there because it is the place where mankind in its current form evolved – if you don’t believe me, check it out in Maropeng in the Cradle of Humankind (just outside Johannesburg.)


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