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A$ Exchange Rate – How You Can Maximise Your Dollar Spend

The DA Difference

south african man giving authentic south african holiday experience

Don’t let the weakness of the A$ stop you from experiencing an authentic  African holiday/safari. It need not have a major impact!

Many of you have no doubt been watching the A$ drop against major currencies, especially the US dollar, over the last few weeks — and especially the last few days — as a result of the Greece issue, Chinese stock exchange crash, our economy, political considerations and much more.

The naysayers tell us that the effect of this is that travel and many other imported things will cost more. Really? Well not always!

The Aussie Dollar is Robust

If you are travelling to USA, Europe, South America and some African countries you may have little choice but to exchange Aussie dollars for American. However, let’s take a look at the problem and become creative instead of simply accepting the status quo and not travelling.

The A$ remains strong against the South African Rand and has remained pretty much static for many months now with only minor variations.

Key Reasons People Travel to Africa

The exchange rate is not stopping Australians travelling to Africa. Most of our clients travel to Africa for reasons far more varied and diverse. Some reasons Aussies are still choosing a holiday to Africa include:

  • They want to have a wildlife experience. They want to see, interact with and take photographs of Africa’s amazing animals in their natural habitat and not in a zoo.
  • They want to see spectacular scenery that is different to anything seen before.
  • They want to take jaw-dropping photographs of this spectacular scenery (not hard to do, even if far from being a professional photographer).
  • They want an authentic holiday whereby they enjoy the culture of Africa and experience the people.
  • Some people want to stay in comfortable tented accommodation, others want absolute luxury. Africa easily provides both (often at the same time!) with a marvellous choice of luxury tented accommodation (where camping becomes ‘glamping’).
  • They want to experience good food and wines. (Africa’s safari chefs can also invariably cater to all and any kinds of dietary requirements.)
  • Everybody wants to travel in safety and have every detail taken care of by people who KNOW exactly how to deliver this.
  • They want to feel welcome and treated with respect and care.
  • Finally, people simply want value for money spent.

These experiences can be had in a number of African countries, but none offer as much as South Africa and Namibia do. South Africa can offer all of the above and more at very reasonable cost!

Mixing Your Itinerary to Offset Costs

There are also terrific opportunities to extend your trip to neighbouring countries. These are US$ based but we can offset these costs with a mixed itinerary. There are good reasons we provide people with personalised, bespoke African wildlife safari holidays will give you a truly wonderful experience within a reasonable budget.

Do not let the weak A$ stop you from enjoying a scenic, wildlife trip of a lifetime. Find out why we are the Australian African holiday specialists. We can tailor your authentic African holiday to suit your budget. Fill in one of our no-obligation request forms and let us surprise you.


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