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What Makes Zimbabwe Such a Special Safari Destination?


I have just returned from Southern Africa and spent 9 days touring Zimbabwe. What a revelation it always is! Without a doubt, Zimbabwe should feature on the “Not To Be Missed List” of anyone who is planning to go on safari to Southern Africa.

Friendly People and Unparalleled Service

A large majority of our clients spend a few days at Victoria Falls and always thoroughly enjoy it. However, we suggest that Zimbabwe, as a whole, be seriously considered for anyone considering a South Africa holiday.

For starters, you will not find more friendly people anywhere. The service at all the hotels and game lodges we suggest is exemplary, the game viewing astounding and driving around the country with our guide was easy and a lot of fun.

What Makes Zimbabwe Such a Special Safari Destination? »

Your Own Custom-Made Zimbabwe Safari Experience!

We are in the business of creating unforgettable trips of a lifetime, not just another trip abroad or annual family holiday.

We have put together a fantastic 14 day safari that covers some of the best places in the country to visit. We admit, two weeks is not quite enough to get you absolutely everywhere , but we can certainly do so if you have more time available!

Zimbabwe has settled down very well since Mugabe was deposed in 2017 and elections have taken place. There is a positive attitude amongst the people, even if they still have a long way to go to get the economy working effectively again. Tourists are treated especially well as tourism is seen as a major industry and a way forward. The industry employs many people and this is very positive for local people everywhere. Crime is minimal and travel is safe.

In the past, roadblocks made touring difficult; however, we covered nearly 2000 kms and did not have a single bad experience, mostly just being waved through the few blocks that we came across. We were stopped once, only for the Officer to apologise to us once he recognised us as tourists.

Personal Tour Guide at Victoria Falls

We have arranged with a local guide at Victoria Falls to carry out all our drive tours around the country. The owner personally drives and is a delightful man with a good knowledge of our favourite destinations. We suggest a small group of four to six family members or friends in order to spread the cost of the vehicle and guide.

Where to Go: Zimbabwe’s Top Attractions

We highly recommend that destinations for a tour of Zimbabwe include some or all of the following:

  • Victoria Falls ( Vic Falls Hotel, Ilala, Vic Falls Safari Lodge, Elephant camp)
  • Hwange National Park ( The Hide, Somalisa)
  • Matobo National Park (Amalinda)
  • Great Zimbabwe Ruins (Norma Jeans)
  • Gona re Zhou National Park (Chilo Gorge Lodge)
  • Eastern Highlands – Vumba (Leopard Rock Hotel)
  • Nyanga Highlands (Troutbeck)
  • Harare (Meikles Hotel)
  • Mana Pools (Kanga)
  • Matusadonna Reserve (Changa, Bumi Hills)

We thoroughly recommend all of the above accommodation and we place them on our exacting recommended list without hesitation. Contact us to discuss your preferences and an itinerary with all-inclusive costing.

Why Choose Us?

Destinations Africa specialises exclusively in bespoke, personalised safaris to Africa. Unlike a travel agency, our experienced team does not operate in any other part of the world and you’ll see that many of our staff members are of African origin. We travel to Africa, year after year, constantly vetting our tour operators, accommodation and all other activities, and exploring new authentic African experiences that we can recommend to you.
We love Africa wholeheartedly and we believe it shows in the quality of the feedback and testimonials we receive from our valued clients. We have a very intimate knowledge and understanding of how to provide maximum value and enjoyment to our guests, whether families, work colleagues, groups of friends, couples or singles. Every itinerary is planned specifically for you.
Africa is not a cheap destination (see our general rule of thumb when it comes to pricing) but it offers fantastic value for money. Cost only becomes an issue in the absence of value, and we make it our job to ensure you receive the very best value. We are available to speak with you 24/7 and discuss your plans, ideas and to answer any questions that you may have.

Find out why we’re not a travel agency — we’re Australian African safari travel specialists. It would be a privilege for us to create the African trip of a lifetime for you.

What Makes Zimbabwe Such a Special Safari Destination? »


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