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We Are a Specialist Operator

Although there are hundreds of reasons why we think we should be your choice for African travel, we have listed our main reasons below. We are confident that you will be so pleased that you will return with both a wish to return and a resolve to recommend us to your friends and family.

1. We KNOW all our destinations intimately.

2. We have a lifetime of experience.

3. Unlike the internet, we can provide you with accurate and reliable information as we make sure each property and service on our preferred list is personally vetted by one of our team. Indeed we can give you information you cannot Google.

4. We ask questions and discuss, with clients, their specific holiday aspirations to better meet their needs and expectations (including budgets) and avoid confusion or disappointment!

5. Unlike general operators (who need to know a little about a lot (ie the whole world virtually) we know a lot about a little as we specialise in selected African countries. We exclude countries which we perceive as unsafe for one reason or another (and we keep abreast of all new developments relevant to the destinations which we include in our itineraries. Our staff are specially trained to help you make your African holiday dreams a reality.

6. We avoid standard itineraries. Our itineraries are tailored to the specific needs and desires of each client.

7. We can arrange, design and book safaris for small groups, as well as individuals, couples and families.

8. Corporate incentive travel can be managed, arranged and guided.

9. We are not a huge organisation with large overheads so we pass on cost savings to our clients in the form of competitive prices.

10. We pride ourselves on personal service by taking extreme care of all our clients throughout the planning process as and duration of their trip.

11. We offer a complete travel service so you’re never abandoned! Clients who travel to Africa are met on arrival and at every transfer point in their itinerary.

12. The safety and security of our clients is paramount and we take extreme care to ensure that all risk possibilities are minimised.

13. We use professional ground operators with whom we have built excellent relationships.

14. Our quality relationships with a number of service providers and lodges ensure excellent service levels.

16. We can provide a dedicated guide for any of our safaris and holidays if required.

So why compromise on a scheduled group tour when you can go to only those places to which you want to go and at the time you want to travel?

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