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Top 6 must see locations in Africa


Learn about the first 3 “must see African Safari holiday locations” in Africa

4. Sossusvlei

The fourth place on my list is the amazing (and totally different location) of Sossusvlei in Namibia with its majestic sand dunes, the largest of which is over 400 meters high! The first incredible piece of information I learned about this completely surreal place is how both plant and animals have adapted to survive in the inclement climate, for example the oryx (the national animal of Namibia) has developed a “radiator” nose in which the vessels flatten out and expand to cool the blood before it overheats the brain!

Another amazing fact (which I find rather difficult to absorb) is that the enormous dunes seem to have a life of their own and are “walking” inland – a few centimeters every year. But that is not the end of the wonders of Namibia, the land of endless horizons – you just have to go there as it is a location which totally defies description!

Despite its wonder, Namibia is best left for a return (rather than a first) visit because it really is Africa with a difference!

5. The Masai Mara

No list of “must see locations in Africa” would be complete without the inclusion of either the (well publicized) Masai Mara (or its Tanzanian extension, the Serengeti.) Best known as the scene of the annual wildebeest/zebra migration (and in particular for the Mara River crossing in the course of that dramatic phenomenon). Although they are too stupid to take up any place in my affection, my heart rate still increases as the wildebeest launch themselves en-masse into the river to reach the succulent new grass on the other side!

While the same scenario plays out from the Serengeti side, I have rather put the Mara on the list instead as it is significantly smaller, easier to get around and home to less of the horrid tsetse flies that love me so much!

6. Cape Town

Surely one of the most beautiful cities in the world, with its dramatic and very distinctive back-drop of Table Mountain and some of the most picturesque coastline you could ever wish to see. No wonder Cape Town was named in 2014 the best place in the world to visit by the New York Times!

As well as offering first class accommodation, the city is very easy to negotiate with activities and places to visit which are sure to appeal to a variety of tastes. Everything in Cape Town is a matter of not much more than an hour away – from Robben Island (Mandela’s place of incarceration) to the very picturesque Cape Winelands to white shark diving on the scenic coastline.

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