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The allure of the ‘Green Season’


If you are anything like me, the endless drab grey winter days, have you dreaming of the return of warm weather, dinner outside on a balmy evening with the chirp of crickets, and the beauty of an approaching summer thunderstorm.

So in this four part blog we are going to provide insights into the allure and contrast of the Sothern African ‘Green Season’ and the variety of safari experiences in Botswana, Zimbabwe, Zambia, and South Africa.

Throughout Africa, the ‘Green Season’ is notoriously misconstrued as a less favourable time of year to travel in terms of wildlife sightings. Whilst the vegetation is indeed thicker, and the water sources more wide-spread, our extensive experience is that the “Green Season” offers unique opportunities for exceptional wildlife sightings. Like anything in the wild, timing is crucial in terms of wildlife sightings. So if you have a penchant for the regeneration of complex ecosystems (flora explosion, baby game, birdlife), coupled with the natural predation that occurs at this time-of-plenty then let us show you the hallmarks of the ‘Green Season’.

During the ‘Green Season’, most lodges in Southern and Eastern Africa offer lower prices (with the exception of South Africa). Thus travellers can enjoy considerable savings. Also at this time of year some lodges no longer charge a single supplement, so if you are travelling as a budget conscious single the ‘Green Season’ will be particularly appealing.

The ‘Green Season’ is a favourite time of year for photographers with the arrival of green and lush flora, coupled with menacing storm clouds, and brilliant blue skies. Not to mention the extraordinary diversity of the migratory birds in full breeding plumage, seeking out stunning varieties of colourful butterflies, flowers and insects.

Where do we recommend for ‘Green Season’ Safaris – these countries will be explored in more detail in forthcoming blogs?

Botswana, Zimbabwe, Zambia + South Africa

So to keep your mood uplifted during the bleak winter period, please contact us at Destinations Africa, and we will organise the perfect ‘Green Season’ itinerary – inclusive of warm weather, the beauty of an approaching summer thunderstorm, and following your successful daily Game drive, a Boma dinner under the balmy African star-studded sky with the distant bellowing of the resident Lion pride replacing the chirp of the suburban crickets!!!!

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The allure of the ‘Green Season - Botswana