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The Allure of Africa’s ‘Green Season’


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For some of us, the seemingly endless drab, grey winter days may see us yearning for a return to warm weather. Perhaps a trip to Africa plays on your mind: imagining dining outside on a balmy evening to the backdrop of chirping of crickets, or the beauty of an approaching summer thunderstorm. Let’s see if we can lift your mood during the bleak winter period, with some Africa’s Green Season suggestions.

South Africa’s Green Season

We adore the Green Season is South Africa. Depending on the country, the Green Season generally takes place during the months of November to March. During this time, the degree of contrast and the enormous variety of safari experiences in Botswana, Zimbabwe, Zambia, and South Africa are second to none. In fact, we view the Green Season as a particularly special time to make the decision to embark on a bespoke, customised tour of this superb land.

Many people misconstrue Africa’s Green Season as being a less favourable time of year to travel in terms of wildlife sightings. This simply isn’t so — particularly when you choose the flexibility of a customised safari. Whilst the vegetation is indeed thicker, and the water sources more widespread, our extensive experience is that the Green Season actually provides some of the more unique opportunities for exceptional wildlife sightings.

As with anything in the wild, timing is crucial in terms of wildlife sightings. So if you have a penchant for the regeneration of complex ecosystems (flora explosion, baby game, birdlife), coupled with the natural predation that occurs at this time-of-plenty then let us help design an itinerary to show you the hallmarks of the Green Season.

More Affordable Time to Travel

During the Green Season, the prices of many of the lodges in Southern and Eastern Africa are lower (the exception is South Africa). Therefore you can usually enjoy considerable savings. Also at this time of year, some lodges no longer charge a single supplement. This means if you’re travelling as a budget-conscious single person, the Green Season will be particularly appealing. Indeed, take a look at our pricing to see why a customised safari with us will usually be cheaper than making your own arrangements.

Some of the Best Photography

Although Africa is one of the foremost locations on the planet for photography, photographers marvel at her Green Season. In fact, the feedback we receive is that it’s one of the best times of year to capture exquisite photos, given the arrival of green, lush flora set to a striking backdrop of menacing storm clouds and brilliant blue skies. Not to mention the extraordinary diversity of the migratory birds in full breeding plumage. Then there’s the stunning varieties of colourful butterflies, flowers and insects.


For the very best Green Season Safaris, we recommend Botswana, Zimbabwe, Zambia, and South Africa.

These trips will include warm weather and, more than likely, the excitement and beauty of an approaching summer thunderstorm. Then, following your successful daily Game drive, you’ll enjoy an exquisite Boma dinner under the balmy African star-studded sky. Let’s throw in the distant bellowing of the resident Lion pride replacing the chirp of the suburban crickets!

Find out why we’re not a travel agency — we’re Australian African safari travel specialists. It would be a privilege for us to create the African trip of a lifetime for you.


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The Allure of Africa's 'Green Season' in Botswana