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South African wineries worth the visit


While a wildlife safari may be one of the biggest reasons why people visit Africa, this continent has a lot more to offer than just its spectacular animals. Take Cape Town for example. It is no wonder that many a tourist has made this iconic city part of their itinerary while undertaking their Africa holidays.

As one of South Africa’s capital cities, Cape Town holds breathtaking scenery, interesting history, great restaurants, diverse culture, exciting vibes and close proximity to other beautiful towns. But let us not forget all the wineries that that you can visit in and around this city.  

If you are looking for a wine tasting that will give you more than just great wine, you will love the experience at these 5 wineries:

#1 Vergenoegd Löw

Situated in Faure, Stellenbosch, this is a winery that took green farming methods to the next level. To lower their carbon footprint, they have added more than 1 600 ducks to their staff. Yes, you read that correctly. Ducks! These birds form part of the team by eating snails and insects in the vineyards to prevent the use of pesticides. What is even more adorable is that they have a daily duck parade. Seeing that many ducks waddle past you in orderly fashion is a precious sight, and probably not something you will see anywhere else on your Africa tour.

Combine that experience with a tasting of award-winning wines, and this will be a winery that is hard to escape your memory. Just make sure to call ahead of time, as tastings are reservation only. And if your wine tasting stirred up your appetite, pop in for a delicious meal at Geuwels restaurant which is on the same premises and owned by renowned chef, Bertus Basson.

#2 Fairview

A winery that allows you to have wine and cheese is worth the while on Africa holidays.

Upon arrival at the next winery on our list, you will be greeted by goats. A sight for sore eyes, as these goats have their own goat towers. Seeing as Fairview also produces goat’s milk cheese, it is no wonder that the goats are treated as royalty.

If you are a lover of cheese and a lover of wine, you cannot pass by this winery without making a visit. They process thousands of litres of milk from Jersey cows and Saanan goats on a daily basis. Their cheesery is also open seven days a week. From Camembert to Brie, Feta to blue cheese, you will be spoilt for choice. And tasting their wines makes it even better.

You will find Fairview in Suider-Paarl, Paarl. The perfect spot with which to start your day. Their restaurant, Goatshed, is the ideal place to have breakfast. Be sure to check it out.

#3 La Motte

You will be hard put to find a winery with a prettier scenery than La Motte. Located on the R45 just outside the picturesque little town of Franschhoek, tutored wine tastings is just one part of what you can expect at this beautiful farm.  

Steeped in history, this might be a great experience for those who are interested to know how this winery came to be. Guided tours through their museum is available, where you can learn more about the Rupert family and the architecture on the farm. Art lovers will enjoy the gallery where some original paintings by famous South African artist, Pierneef, are exhibited.

If you are up to it, the winery also has a two hour hiking trail. The Sustainable Hike gives you the opportunity to get up close and personal with the fauna and flora on this farm. While not as exciting as a wildlife safari, these indigenous plants and animals are still a sight to behold. The views of the adjoining Wemmershoek mountain range and the sustainable vineyards below, will be well worth the hike.   

#4 JC le Roux

Best known for their sparkling wine, this will add a lot of fun to your wine tasting expedition. Those of you with a sweet tooth might enjoy pairing their delicious bubbles with nougat or cheesecake, but there are also options of pairings with pizza or cheese and oysters. A fun time to enjoy some of their sweetest to even their driest sparkling wines.

Former African holiday goers will know that African temperatures can get quite hot. Those are the days when you want to stop by JC le Roux. They make their own popsicles with fresh fruit and their signature sparkling wines. Yum!

#5 Boschendal

Now this is the estate to visit if you like to be active. Boschendal is another gorgeous winery near Franschhoek that allows you to explore their landscape in a variety of ways. There are many trails that you can hike, run, or discover by bicycle. Or why not view the beautiful surroundings while on horseback? The York Dam on the estate is the perfect spot to take a dip in on a hot day, and their stunning lawns is a romantic setting for an afternoon picnic. You could also pop in at midday for lunch, which we highly recommend, as it is superb.

If being active on Africa holidays is not really your thing, do not despair. Boschendal hosts a night market that has an inviting atmosphere and interesting stalls. Or cuddle up to your partner at their drive-in cinema for a movie under the stars.

Want to add something different to your next luxury African safari? Speak to our friendly team at Destinations Africa and make the city of Cape Town and its pretty surroundings part of your Africa holiday.


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