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Exploring Table Mountain


Whether shrouded in a dramatic blanket of moody clouds or standing proudly against a crisp, cloudless blue sky, Table Mountain in Cape Town is a perpetual spectacle that captivates all who behold it.

Rich History and Geological Marvel

Flanked by Devil’s Peak and Lion’s Head, Table Mountain forms the northern end of the Cape Fold Mountain range. Its most distinctive feature, the three-kilometre flat-topped summit, was once the bottom of a valley. Named Taboa do Cabo (Table of the Cape) by Antonio de Saldahna in 1503, the mountain’s fame extends far beyond its geological wonders.

Cultural Legends and Folklore

Legend has it that the tablecloth of clouds enveloping the mountain during the southeaster is the result of a smoking contest between the devil and a retired sea captain named Jan van Hunks. This rich tapestry of folklore adds an enchanting layer to the mountain’s allure.

Fauna and Flora

Table Mountain boasts a diverse ecosystem, home to over 1470 floral species, many endemic to the area. The endangered Peninsula Sandstone Fynbos dominates, while leopards once roamed the mountain until the 1920s. Today, fortunate visitors might spot the elusive rooikat (caracal), dassies (rock hyrax), porcupines, mongooses, and the rare Table Mountain Ghost Frog.

Table Mountain Aerial Cableway
Exploring Table Mountain » Table Mountain

Table Mountain Aerial Cableway

The cableway, operational since 1929 and revamped in 1997, is the easiest way up, offering breathtaking 360-degree views during the five-minute ascent. Hiking enthusiasts can explore various trails, with Platteklip Gorge being a popular choice for its straightforward ascent, or the more challenging India Venster and Kasteelspoort routes.

Safety and Tips for Hikers

Safety is paramount for hikers, with essential tips including hiking with a companion, informing someone of your plans, carrying sufficient supplies, wearing appropriate gear, and choosing a route matching your fitness level. Adherence to safety guidelines ensures an enriching hiking experience.

Summit Delights

At the mountain’s summit, a cableway station hosts a curio shop, snack outlet, and a restaurant. For those taking the cableway but still desiring a walk, the Dassie, Agama, and Klipspringer Walks offer scenic exploration. Hikers can revel in the picturesque picnic spots around the five dams, including the historic Woodhead Dam with its Waterworks Museum.

Adventurous Thrills

For the thrill-seekers, Abseil Africa offers a unique experience – a 112-metre descent down a sheer cliff. The adventure includes a demonstration, the abseil itself, and a short hike back to the summit.

In every aspect, Table Mountain transcends the status of a geological marvel. It is a living canvas of history, folklore, and biodiversity, inviting both locals and travellers to immerse themselves in its grandeur, whether by cableway or hiking trail. As an enduring symbol of Cape Town, Table Mountain invites all to witness nature’s masterpiece.

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