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Why Africa?

When considering the destination of roads less travelled, and in particular ‘darkest deepest Africa’, often the mind puts up the ‘Stop’ sign.

Unfortunately this negative perception prevents many prospective travellers from experiencing the exceptional Wildlife viewing; the spectacular sunsets/ sunrises over the African savannah; and the beautiful hospitality of beaming African smiles.

At Destinations Africa we are experts in customising our itineraries to allow you to experience what it is like to sleep out under a squillion stars whilst being serenaded by lion(s), or the unmistakable cackle of the Hyena, as they make their presence felt in the middle of the African night.

Perhaps you have always dreamed of a visit to the majestic Okavango Delta. We can take you there, flying you low over the myriad of waterways and reed lined channels via expert charter pilot, prior to allowing you the experience of travelling through the waterways by traditional Mokoro excursion. Perhaps during your journey you will experience a close encounter of a Hippo kind, or maybe it will be the stunning and incredible diversity of birdlife that provides you a lifetime of cherished memories. For some it will be as simple as enjoying the tranquillity of the Mokoro as it glides through the water amongst the Papyrus reeds, the interaction shared with your guide, and returning to camp with a wet backside which remains etched in your memory.

If your dream is to experience your heart racing as you quite literally sit with the few remaining Mountain Gorillas in the Rwandan highlands, all the while under the constant gaze of the resident 200Kg+ Silverback – ensuring you do not upset his precious and devoted family – we have helped many clients enjoy this breathtaking experience.

For some, inspiration and awe, is drawn from geographical formations. In that instance Africa will not disappoint, from the thunderous cascading of water at Victoria Falls; to the desolate, barren dunes of the Namib Desert; and all the way to the snow covered summit of Mt Kilimanjaro we can help you experience an authentic African experience.

At Destinations Africa, aside from the occasional run-in with a skittish antelope, we take great pride in having safely navigated our clients, from all walks of life, throughout both Southern and Eastern Africa Safaris for 14 years.

Our clients are continually amazed, and have their expectations exceeded at the comfort, professionalism and safety afforded throughout our customised itineraries.

So whether you have limited time or are looking for the ultimate African ‘bucket-list’ we would love to hear what African experience you desire, we will then design the itinerary, and take you there!!!!

We look forward to hearing from you and designing your African experience.

“The only man I envy is the man who has not yet been to Africa – for he has so much to look forward to.”

Richard Mullin

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