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Common misconceptions about Africa

Why Africa?

It is not safe!
There are “unsafe” places in every country, mostly in cities and Africa is no exception. However, other than very picturesque cities, like Cape Town, the reality is that not a great deal of African holiday time will be spent in cities.

Given that holidaymakers need to keep their wits about them wherever they travel, African city tourist destinations are perfectly safe. Guided day tours can be arranged for those who are unduly concerned with safety.

Outside of the cities (and even inside cities) private transfers are normally arranged between each destination. On safari you are in the safe hands of a trained guide whose job is threefold – to entertain, educate and keep you safe!

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Africa is a cheap destination!
This is a case of yes and no! South Africa is a very cheap destination in relative terms because of the weakness of the Rand against most first-world currencies. Thus accommodation outside the game reserves and parks compare very favourably against other countries.

But make no mistake a stay in a game reserve, whether in South Africa or other African countries, is relatively expensive when compared to holiday resorts and European or American cities. There are various reasons for this – the main one being that the cost generally includes twice daily game drives with a trained guide as well as meals. So it is recommended that you introduce a bit of diversity into your African itinerary with some non-game viewing activities, such as a visit to Victoria Falls or other “must see” places – this will have the effect of reducing the “daily” cost of an African holiday.

Africa is only for fit adventurous holidaymakers
This is definitely a misconception! We have arranged african wildlife trips for clients with walking frames and even those in need of a wheelchair. In fact we had the privilege of arranging a second trip for a client who was dying from Motor Neurone Disease. Having expressed a regret at not being fit enough to hike the 1.2 kms through the shifting sands of Sosussvlei to Dead Vlei, the staff of the lodge at which the clients were staying volunteered to carry him in their own time, Emperor like, for a picnic in Dead Vlei! Perhaps it was the clients’ wonderful charisma (as the manager of the lodge reported that they crept into everyone’s heart) that inspired such benevolence or perhaps it was just the affable nature of the African people. Whatever the cause, the fact is that Africa holds out welcoming arms to young and old, fit and not so fit alike (the latter can, like me, even climb Kilimanjaro but only with their eyes)!


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