Tired of staring out the window? Book your 2021/22 African Safari Now


Message from John Mitchell-Adams

The world reels under the shock of the Corona virus and I want to send a note out to all our existing and future guests. We, at Destinations Africa, totally understand the anxiety about travelling to certain parts of the world right now. Africa, so far, has been spared the brunt of infections.

But this is a serious matter. I really don’t want to add to anyone’s anxiety about deposits or final payments having been made.

We are instituting a policy of Non-Cancellation. Where that safari of a lifetime with us has already been paid for it can be postponed and will be validated for at least a year (in some circumstances at some lodges this can be increased to 15 months). By then, or well before then we all hope, this will be over.

If Covid – 19 extends beyond that we will revise this regularly if it needs to be extended.

Your reason for travel has not changed. The wild life is still in the parks, the countries still have all the magnificent scenery and activities that you wanted originally so there is no need to cancel your safari as we can make changes to ensure that you enjoy your holiday.


Existing bookings:

  1. Confirmed bookings for which we have received a deposit or full payment, will be secured should you decide it is unsafe to travel on the current dates. Bookings can be amended/postponed or deferred up to 12 months (in some instances up to 15 months) at the same 2020 rates, where possible, and where not possible, we will do all we can to minimise any increase. Not every establishment in Africa is able to hold 2020 into 2021.
    Please note only one amendment to travel dates may be made and should the season change to a higher season, the new rate will apply. Any increase in Park/Conservation Fees, and penalty rates incurred by domestic airlines for changes to internal African flights will have to be met by the client.
  2. In the event that you do not travel within 12 months of the original arrival date, the deposit would be forfeited and our normal cancellations terms will apply to the balance paid- always assuming the Corona issue has blown over by then.
  3. Any travel changes to bookings within 45 days of the travel period will incur 100% cancellation fees.
  4. The above will only apply if we have received the required deposit and final payment by the original due date to confirm your reservation.


New bookings:

  1. For any bookings made from 12 March 2020 and for which you wish to apply the new Corona Virus Policy, we would require the standard deposit and, if applicable, the final payment be paid on due date. The same level of protection will then apply.
  2. As above, you would be responsible for any price difference should the amended dates fall within a higher season.
  3. Failure to travel within 12 months would see the deposit forfeited.
  4. This offer applies to all bookings, and is not dependent on the World Health Organization (WHO) issuing travel restrictions.
  5. Bookings may be amended up to 45 calendar days prior to the date on which the booking begins, without penalty. If a client wishes to amend a booking less than 45 days prior to the date of travel, then our normal cancellation charges will be applicable.
  6. Any outright cancellations of bookings will carry standard cancellation fees. A booking which is deferred to a later date and then cancelled later will be liable for full cancellation fees.