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Can I book a safari directly without using a travel agent?

The DA Difference

The simple answer is, of course, yes. But the next question is why would you want to do that when a trip can be designed to your own specific requirements by experts at no extra cost? Certainly a trip prepared by Destinations Africa who specialise in Luxury African Safari Tours will cost you no more and indeed is specifically designed to cost less than if you booked it directly!

In this information age, it is easy to become overwhelmed with detail and it is difficult to separate the accurate from the contradictory or even downright misleading. Every thing and place can be made to look and sound wonderful on the ‘net’ but do you want to spend your hard earned money and precious leave allowance testing it out for yourself? Hardly!

While there can be no guarantees when it comes to the natural world, the services of an African expert can prevent much disappointment and point you in the right direction to satisfy your African heart’s desire.

But then again, not everyone who hands you a brochure is necessarily an expert so be careful with your choice and make sure you pick a reputable operator.

Did you know (and does the operator you have chosen know):

  • That vehicles are now not allowed to go off road in national parks? That means that the wildlife you are seeking in a National Park will often be very far away so you might have very poor viewing experiences.
  • That there are usually private reserves adjacent to national parks with much less restrictive rules which tend to give you a much superior and rewarding wildlife experience?
  • Where you CAN and definitely WILL NOT see the Big 5?
  • That there are reserves (and even national parks) which are missing at least one of the Big 5, such as buffalo or rhino?
  • The places that give you the best chance to have the experiences you most desire, like witnessing the very elusive leopard in the wild?

We at Destinations Africa know all these things and more as we have been there (more times than you can count) and have checked out all the places personally before adding them to our recommended list.

While the internet is a great source of information, much of it is confusing and even downright contradictory. So why not do yourself a favour and let Destinations Africa design your dream African safari!

One last word: if comparing trips or quotes make sure you read all the small print to make to enable you compare like with like – Destinations Africa itineraries are all inclusive so you don’t have to carry wads of money around and keep dipping into your pocket but some other operators try to make their trip look cheap by leaving out essentials like most meals or game activities. So be warned – sometimes that “free camel ride” costs nothing to get up on the camel but you have to pay to get down


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