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The DA Difference

There are plenty of safari tour operators that visit Africa. A quick Google search for “Africa safari tour company” or any similar keywords will give more results than you can count.

So how to choose who to travel with? If you are spoilt for choice, and overloaded with options, how can you possibly choose between them?

What Makes a Good Africa Safari Tour Company?

Here are some criteria you might apply before making that final selection:

  • Safety: How does the tour operator ensure your safety? Do they provide you with comprehensive safety and travel advice? Do they meet you at all your transfer points? Or do they leave you on your own?
  • Value for money: How does the tour operator stack up against the competition in terms of their travel quote? Can they offer the same or better service for the same or better price? Is the tour operator generous in what they provide, or does it feel like you’re paying through the nose?
  • Unique offers: Do they offer anything unique about their service? Is it something of significance to you and your group?
  • Location knowledge: How familiar is the tour operator with the African continent? Are they truly passionate about their tours and what they do for a living? Do they specialise in African safaris, or do they dilute their offering with travel to other continents?
  • Personality and friendliness: How does the approach and branding of the tour operator make you feel? Do they give you warm, personable, fully customised service? Do you see yourself enjoying their companionship for the duration of the trip?
  • Ease of travel: Does the tour operator make things as easy as possible for you? Do they go out of their way to make sure you are comfortable, and that your trip is well organised in all respects? Or do they expect you to jump through unnecessary hoops just to get your itinerary arranged?
  • Service relationships: Does your tour operator have strong service relationships with the lodges and facilities you might visit? Do they carefully vet each and every location, lodge, service, and amenity on their list? Do they ensure everything is included in the quoted cost of travel and accommodation, or are there some “hidden extras” to consider?
  • Wildlife: Does your tour operator know where to find the wildlife you want to see? Do they offer a truly life-changing wildlife experience that can make you feel “one with nature”, or do they present it as just another holiday?
  • Gut feeling: After considering all of the above, what is your gut reaction to the tour operator? Do they feel like the right one for you?

What Makes our Safaris So Different

At Destinations Africa, we take our safaris very seriously, and do tours more than a little bit differently. We consider each and every one of our clients to be a valued safari companion, someone with whom we want to share our truest passion: Africa. We know that you have concerns for safety that need to be fully addressed, and that you want the best value for money that such a service can provide. And that’s why we do what we do.

For example, to ensure you are safe at all times, we always meet you at every transfer point along the way on your trip (whether at a busy airport or in the middle of the African bush!). We also have superb business relationships with all the lodges and facilities we patronise, meaning we can guarantee that you will pay no more for one of our safaris than if you were to fully organise a bespoke safari yourself.

Would you like to know more about what sets our Africa safari tour company apart from the crowd?

Take a look at The Destinations Africa Difference or get in touch with us to start organising your fully-customised African travel itinerary. We’re confident you’ll enjoy the experience of a lifetime.


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