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A couple of years ago, good friend Ray Dearlove, founded The Australian Rhino Project which was established as a means whereby the severely threatened rhinos in Africa could be brought to Australia for an indefinite period so as to have an insurance population herd here in Australia in the event of possible extinction. The project is ongoing.

Over the years, Ray has written a number of poems about the plight of the rhinos and has now published these poems in a booklet, simply called “For the Rhino”. Ray writes with passion, from the heart as you will see from this particular poem.

See them stand
Side by side
Mum’s super large horns. His just starting to grow
Both so proud

See them run
The oldest mammals on the planet
Majestic, powerful and free

See them stop
Sniffing, staring
Uncertain and nervous

Hear the shot
See her fall
Trembling, shuddering

Hear the saw. Feel the pain.
Ruthless, cruel, greedy humans

Hear his cries
His mother’s face a bloody mess
All alone

Mother and child. No reunion
Cry the Beloved Country

The foreword to the book has been written by Major-General Johan Jooste who heads the anti-poaching thrust for South Africa National Parks. The General writes, “Ray has unwittingly assumed the role of “rhino ambassador” who has committed personal time and resources to the overall rhino campaign……..I salute him with gratitude on behalf of all those who would forever get a lump in the throat when we read the valued poems. “

Ray has kindly offered to reduce the price of the booklet from $20.00 to $15.00 for our friends and clients. Whilst the poaching of rhino and other endangered species will not stop until the buying stops, any efforts to curb the poaching has to be supported. All proceeds of the sales of this booklet will benefit the all -female anti-poaching unit, the Black Mambas in South Africa, founded in 2013 and which now protects the boundaries of the 52,000ha Balule Nature Reserve, part of the Greater Kruger National Park. These women are also a powerful voice in their communities and work to address the social and moral decay – a product of the rhino poaching that has brought loose morals and narcotics into their communities. See

Hil and I strongly support Ray’s efforts and we encourage you to buy one or more of the booklets – they will make an ideal Christmas gift for family, friends and/or clients.

With heartfelt thanks

John and Hilary and team

To order please contact us:

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