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11 must-do activities at Victoria Falls


If your African holidays have not yet included Victoria Falls, it is time to add it to your bucket list. It is known as The Smoke that Thunders (Mosi-oa-Tunya) by Zimbabweans. A name that is quite apt in its description. Regardless of how many other waterfalls you have seen in your life, Victoria Falls will leave you in awe. Being 1 708 meters wide, and 108 meters high, it is the world’s largest curtain of falling water.

The falls that stretch over the border between Zimbabwe and Zambia, are a true beauty. But it offers more than just its natural good looks. There is far more activities to do here than just taking a quick picture. Even you adrenaline junkies who are looking for your next thrill will have something to look forward to at this world renowned tourist attraction. Here are our 11 picks of activities you have to try when you visit the falls:

#1 Take to the sky

I honestly believe the best way to look at Victoria Falls is from the air. Only in flight can you get an overall perspective of the grandiose of the waterfall. There is the option of a helicopter flight or a microlight flight. Even though these flights may only last up to 30 minutes, it will be an experience that will be edged into your memory forever.

Within these few minutes you will overlook the mighty Zambezi River as it flows over the African landscape, past a number of islands blocking its way before it spills over the edge of the falls and down into the gorge. Only from the sky above you get the full picture of how gigantic the Victoria Falls are, and how small you are in comparison. You might even spot a few elephants roaming around, or a crocodile baking in the sun while you are up there. Definitely an add on to your next African holiday.  


bungee jumping victoria falls
11 must-do activities at Victoria Falls »

#2 Get your heart racing

Luxury African safaris and exhilarating activities are not mutually exclusive. Victoria Falls prove that. Is there a more ideal setting than having the Victoria Falls as the backdrop and the Zambezi River beneath you when you take on your next bungee jump? Feel free to scream all the way down, or close your eyes and concentrate on the beating of year heart and the wind in your ears after you have jumped off the platform. A lovely 111 metre freefall in 4 seconds. My palms are getting sweaty just thinking about it…

#3 Time to get wet

An absolute thrilling activity! White water rafting is the oldest adrenaline activity to be hosted at Victoria Falls and has drawn adrenaline addicts from all over the world. Considered to be the best one day rafting trip in the world, it is an activity not to be excluded from your African tour.  

Know what you’re in for, though. With rapid names like The Devil’s Toilet Bowl, Oblivion, and The Terminator, you can tell that this will not be a smooth ride. However, there is some lovely calm waters between the rapids that give you time to chat, observe your surroundings, and relax before you take on the next monster. An experienced guide will accompany you all the way. Do not miss out on this adventure!

#4 Fall in love with an elephant

Have you ever wanted to get up close and personal with the largest land mammal? You don’t have to put yourself in danger while on a wildlife safari to be able to do so. Just visit The Wild Horizons Elephant Sanctuary and Orphanage. It gives you the opportunity to spend some time with these gentle giants. If you’ve liked elephants before, you will now learn to love them.

Speak to the guides who work with these magnificent animals every day. Learn more about the elephants themselves, the sanctuary and how it came into existence. See how these animals interact with one another, with the guides and even get the chance to take photos with the elephants. An elephant will most likely be your favourite animal after this unique experience.

canopy walk victoria falls
11 must-do activities at Victoria Falls »

#5 Go from tree to tree

A canopy tour is an ideal activity when you like going on an adventure, but do not necessarily seek the thrills of a bungee jump or white water rafting. On your canopy tour you will have some great views of the forest, the Victoria Falls Bridge, the rapids, and the spray from the falls. Lasting between 2 and 2½ hours, it is an ideal and enjoyable activity for couples and families.

Two guides will accompany you on your tour. You will experience the forest from the platforms above, the ground below, and the canopy itself.

#6 The Boma experience

What a great add on to your African holiday. This is the place where you will get dinner and a show. Embrace African cuisine and culture while having a marvellous time. From a traditional hand washing when you arrive, to the Ndebele and Shona greeting. From the Shangaan dancers and singers, to the African drums that will test your rhythm. A fun night out for the whole family where you can enjoy great entertainment and delicious Zimbabwean dishes and game meats.

The Boma is open 365 days a year. They serve dinner from 19:00 and will keep you entertained until late. 

#7 Spend time with the locals

How can you go on an African tour without mingling with the African people? Number 7 on our list truly is an insightful event. Enjoy a home-cooked meal at the residence of one of the locals. Have a fun time with the family as you learn more about their culture, traditions, and way of life. Witness their hospitality while you munch on some delicious traditional African dishes, some of which might be unfamiliar to you. Even though you do not have to eat everything they dish up, this will be a great time to be an adventurous eater!

This activity provides valuable income for the hosting families. The initiative aims to empower the community, and give them the chance to interact with international travellers.

#8 Tour the Victoria Falls

Even though there are many ways to explore the falls, do not neglect to explore it by foot. So why not throw on a pair of sneakers and take yourself on a tour at this world wonder while you are on your African holiday? Maps and information pamphlets are freely available at the entrance. Allow yourself up to 3 hours for this activity and take the opportunity to learn as much about the falls as possible. Be prepared to get soaked!

Talking about getting soaked, the rainforest’s existence is thanks to the spray that is created by the waterfall. Your tour will start in the rainforest. This is a definite must if you love plants and birds. There is no need to rush. Take your time and enjoy the Victoria Falls in all its glory at the various viewpoints.

#9 Become a human pendulum

Did you love being on the swings as a child? Well, set your inner child free again. The Batoka Gorge Swing takes the meaning of a swing set to a whole new level. Feel your heart pounding in your chest after you stepped off the platform and free-fall for 70 m before you start swinging from side to side 120 metres above the water. A 95 metre long swing – to be enjoyed by kids and adults alike.

There is also a pendulum option for those of you who do not feel brave enough to do the swing on your own. Now you can share this experience with a friend, parent, child, sibling, or anyone willing enough…

#10 Meet the flying fox

This is the closest you will ever come to being Superman. Get ready. Run. Jump off the platform into the open air. There is nothing beneath you but a 200 m drop into the gorge. But you keep soaring above it. This is of course possible with a harness and cables keeping you from falling. However, if you use your imagination, you can pretend that you are actually flying above the tumultuous Zambezi River down below. A fun activity for your African holiday.

Hungry after all that excitement? Make sure to pop in at The Lookout Café. Their tasty meals and delicious cocktails will refresh your body, while the staggering view will refresh your soul. 

champagne river cruise victoria falls
11 must-do activities at Victoria Falls »

#11 Take to the water

End your busy day with a relaxing sundowner cruise on the Zambezi River. The barman will prepare your favourite cocktail to sip on while you enjoy the ride. This is yet another opportunity to get a close up look of the falls and appreciate the mesmerising African sunset. While you are on the cruise it might even feel like a wildlife safari, since you may be lucky enough to spot some animals like elephants, hippos, and crocodiles. Otherwise you can just put your feet up and enjoy the scenery after an eventful day.

Are you planning an African safari trip from Australia? Destinations Africa is here to help. With more than a decade’s experience in the industry, we will assist you in putting together the African holiday you have always dreamed of. Why not give us a call, or pop us an email? We’d love to hear from you.


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