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Update on Zimbabwe


As we are all aware Zimbabwe recently held its first election since the despotic Mugabe was deposed in November last year.

As is typical in Africa the election was emotionally charged and there was insurrection in the capital, Harare, immediately after the results were announced. This, of course, attracted International attention, with the ugly violence beamed across the globe!

However the rest of the country was totally peaceful and we are getting daily reports that show that there have been no issues. In fact our people at Victoria Falls say that you would hardly have known that there was an election if not for the lines of voters!

Reports from Harare state that the city has returned to full normalcy and that all is quiet. People are going about their business and there is no trouble anywhere. Emmerson Mnangagwa is now the President and it remains to be seen what he does to bring this beautiful country back into the International fold. The immediate urgency is to ensure peace and get the economy back on its feet. There is even talk of including the MDC opposition into Government in a type of coalition. Whether that happens or not cannot be predicted but it would make a positive difference.

Finally I am going to be in Zimbabwe at the end of August and early September travelling around a lot of the country from Victoria Falls, Bulawayo, Matopos, Zimbabwe Ruins, Gona re Zhou National Park, the Eastern highlands and then Harare. I will be reporting on our trip regularly.Our recommendation is that you keep Zimbabwe very much in the forefront of any safari planning. We heartily endorse travelling to this amazing destination.


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