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Thinking of travelling in 2019


Yes! Then let us arrange an itinerary that will offer you:

  • New Destinations – definitely not the same old, same old – European Cities, USA road trips, New York, cruise ship, Bali, Phuket, Vietnam, Japan and the many other destinations that most people go to – simply because they have never thought of, nor had anyone, give them new and exciting places to explore.
  • Rest and Relaxation. R&R is best experienced after an exciting and original experience. Enjoy an itinerary that gives you high time and down time. Time for exhilarating, interesting and heart stopping moments interspersed with times to sit back, smell the flowers and “switch off” from the day to day pressures that we all have in our modern lives. Time to rejuvenate body and soul and be refreshed and energised again.
  • Authentic Experiences. Don’t just “do” the destinations! Have an authentic experience with the people, cultures, foods, languages, scenery, activities and pulse of the destinations we send you to. Simply having been there and not having such experiences is just a waste.
  • A Chance to Contribute. Simply by going to certain destinations you are contributing to the people. They will embrace you and be appreciative of your presence.
  • Education, Learning new things. Our destinations will enthral you with a thirst for knowledge and understanding of many different things that you would never have even considered at home.

We are, of course, talking about the huge Continent of Africa! We know Africa intimately and give you a trip the likes of which you will not find anywhere else. We offer of all of the above with a very personalised itinerary that is promised to include all your specific desires and wishes.
Our destinations are super special, safe, comfortable and can be tailored to suit your mid to upper range budget. Our clients tell us repeatedly by just how much we exceeded their expectations. Let us do this for you.

Africa’s top destinations fill up many months, to a year, in advance so let us start planning for you now. Why not use your Christmas holiday down time to get us to work for you? It will be our absolute pleasure to do so.


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