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Travel from Australia is poised, very much like our dams, ready to spill and overflow downstream!

After a torrid time since February 2020, you, our clients and travel friends, have been locked up and not permitted or able to travel to your favourite wild life lodges in Africa. We have all found it almost unbearable! BUT… there is a bright light on the horizon and we expect that our safaris will be in full flow from the end of this year with unprecedented pent up need to get away. The pressure has been building!

Our read of the situation is as follows:

  • Covid-19 vaccinations are now being rolled out in Australia and in all our favourite African countries – international borders WILL open.
  • It is likely that airlines and our African countries will require all travellers to have coronavirus inoculations to permit entry. (Somewhat like the need for a yellow fever vaccination before entering some African countries).
  • We expect, and it appears that Qantas and the Government agree, that international travel will occur from December 2021.
  • We do not yet know exactly what rules will be in place (such as quarantine on return) but do believe that they will be acceptable and sensible for Australian residents.
  • Certainly, travel will be open at some stage in 2022.
  • Game lodges and other accommodation is going to be well booked – largely because travel to Africa has been postponed from 2020 to 2021 and now to 2022.
  • Covid will always be around so we must adapt to new travel requirements to keep safe.
  • Africa is open to international tourists and very good Covid protocols are in place.

So how should you react to the circumstances?

We know Africa intimately and have very special relationships, developed over a long time, with the best game lodges in Africa and can give you the very best advice as to where to go, when, how, with whom and at what cost.

These relationships have led to us being able to offer you very special Terms and Conditions from our preferred destinations that remove all risk to you in the event of Covid affecting your booked plans. Operators are now offering refundable deposits and final payments in the event of Covid affected travel – including Government imposed closures.

As mentioned before, we expect a major rush on bookings once restrictions are removed and this will result in some pressure with availability of accommodation.

Our very considered advice is to plan your safari NOW before the rush so that you can be assured of your desired safari being fulfilled. This will put you well ahead of the late comers and ensure that you have choice.

Contact us to discuss your needs and ideas and we can guide you along the best and most appropriate path. We are available right now!