Rhodesian Rescue Mission Safari


Rhodesian Rescue Mission Safari

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Remember the old days when Rhodesia was called the bread basket of Africa? Imagine now that basket empty of bread with only a few crumbs remaining! Remember the gentle souls with whom you shared your daily life? Imagine them now battling for survival!

Rhodesia might now have a new name and be irreparably changed from the days of old

But it still:

  • retains its old charms
  • still offers
  • breathtaking scenery (Victoria Falls, Chilo Gorge)
  • flourishing wildlife (Hwange, Gonarezhou)
  • luxurious lodges, camps and hotels (Victoria Falls Hotel, Chilo Lodge) and the gentle souls of that remain in need of some help.

Help in the form of tourist dollars which can provide:

  • much needed employment
  • protection for wildlife
  • cash in a cash-strapped economy
  • hope for a beleaguered people

So we are calling on ex-Rhodesians to take a trip down memory lane visiting both old haunts and fresh fields. We will plan well ahead so it would be May 2019. We will visit – Vic Falls, Hwange, Matobos, Zimbabwe Ruins, then travel through Triangle, Chiredzi to Chilo Lodge at Gonarezhou, Leopard Rock, Nyanga, Vumba, Troutbeck, Meikles (Harare), Mana Pools, Changa (Kariba) and back to Harare and home. About 3 weeks altogether.

If you would like to consider joining us then please contact me to register your interest:

John Mitchell-Adams
+61 2 4984 9747

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