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News On Botswana Game Lodges


It is a never ending source of frustration to me that the game lodges in Botswana are so expensive relative to others in neighbouring countries. We have had many prospective clients either decline or go to alternatives in Africa due to cost. However…………… we have good news!

Not only do we have great relationships with some fabulous, yet reasonably priced lodges, but we have noticed a trend amongst lodge owners who are accepting of the need to create better value for you – our clients. Quite a number now have special discounts for longer or multiple lodge stays where you score anything from free charter transfers, free sight-seeing helicopter flights, stay 4 pay for three nights etc. This of course is very welcome.

However we are most excited to hear from my old friend Peter Allison (of “Whatever you do Don’t Run” authorship fame) and erstwhile of Wilderness Safaris, who has teamed up with some far sighted, out of the square, thinkers and set up what I consider to be an absolute winning formula for  lodges at extremely acceptable prices in prime areas including the Okavango Delta – Natural Selection is the company. This is an extract from a note from Peter to us a few days ago:

“But now our new operation is getting going and soon will expand to countries outside Botswana (our current home). We’ve partnered with Uncharted Africa as well as developed our own properties, with more on the way. I know you won’t sell a property without you or a member of your team having seen it (something I have always admired) so please consider coming to have a look! I’ve attached our rate sheet so you can see where we stand in terms of pricing, I think you may find it refreshing to see affordable Botswana at Meno a Kwena and Sable Alley.”

Here is a sample:

Makgadikgadi Salt Pans.  Camp Kalahari 24 capacity. Pricing from US$ 528 to US$ 720 per person per day depending on season

Khwai Private Reserve. Hyena Pan 16 capacity. Pricing from US$345 to US$ 465 per person per day

Khwai Private Reserve.  Sable Alley 24 Capacity. Opening on 28 Apr 2017 – US$570 to US$760

Khwai Private Reserve.  Skybeds 8 capacity from US$ 345 to US$ 690

I have taken up Peter’s offer and Hilary and I are going to be visiting Hyena Pan, Skybeds and Sable Alley in June to check them out and we truly look forward to bringing back more good news. Sable Alley is brand new and only opens in April. This initiative deserves to succeed. If they stick to their guns and maintain a sensible pricing structure they will certainly get the support of Destinations Africa.

Why not join us and come and see for yourself?


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