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One of the most striking aspects of diving the reefs off Benguerra Island is the sheer unspoilt beauty and the variety and abundance of marine life.  While kitting up on the boat, before you even begin your dive, you could see batfish surfacing, a turtle rising to take a breath before diving again, a curious whale shark turning towards the boat (inspiring you to momentarily abandon your dive gear to snorkel with the biggest fish in the ocean).

Once under water exotic reef fish abound – schooling bannerfish, moorish idols, butterfly fish, blue striped snappers, oriental and barred sweetlips, boxfish, goldies, trigger fish and numerous others provide movement among the diverse beautifully coloured corals and sponges.  Your dive buddy could be obscured for a few moments by hundreds of fusiliers shoaling through the coral crevices.  Or it might take a while for you to recognise a giant moray, due to sheer size.  Ribbontail rays try to hide on the sandy bottom; Devil rays glide effortlessly along, swooping down occasionally to rub their undersides on the sand.  Schools of kingfish are attracted to the reef’s food supply and circle divers bubbles before moving off on their hunt.  Turtles can be seen sleeping under a ledge or feeding on a sponge, ignoring divers in favour of indulging in a tasty meal.  White-tip, black-tip, gray reef or giant sleeping sharks may be seen in a cave or patrolling the perimeter of the reef.  Hearing a whip like crack indicates that a grouper has seen the divers and has made a hasty retreat through the wall of slender sweepers surrounding its hideout.  At the safety stop, you may have a batfish keeping you company.

On the surface, a pod of common or humpback dolphins may be seen hunting mullet.  The sight of a humpback whale breaching in deeper waters is a sight never forgotten.  After the dive a trip to Pansy Island to collect a few rarely seen pansy shells and a discussion of the day’s dive rounds off an unforgettable experience.

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