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For nearly 19 months we have been anxiously awaiting the Government to open up our International borders and allow us to travel once more!

Well it seems as though we are now getting very close to seeing this happen and so we, at Destinations Africa, are making certain that we and you, are fully prepared to make your safari dreams come to fruition.

A little background first!

Covid forced those of you who had a booking for 2020, to postpone to 2021. Our staff worked very hard to make sure that we did the very best possible for you by trying to replicate exactly what was booked – although it was not always possible to do so. The pandemic continued and we were, once again, forced to postpone all 2021 bookings to 2022. Then we were faced with further uncertainties and had to postpone some 2022 bookings to later in the year or, in some cases, to 2023!!

This process has not only occurred with us, but all countries of the world, so there has been unprecedented pressure placed upon the Game Lodges, Hotels and Resorts in Africa, as far as availability of accommodation is concerned. They are filling fast and we need to capture as much of the available space as we can.

What does this mean to you? Well, under normal circumstances, our clients tend to book their safaris anywhere from 6 months to 18 months ahead. Safaris take planning and that takes time.

Tourism Minister Dan Tehan has stated:

Australia is on track to lift travel restrictions by the end of the year”.
“I do empathise with the Australians who have been denied the opportunity to travel overseas this year,” Tehan said.
“It’s another reason why everyone should get vaccinated.

“It’s another reason why everyone should get vaccinated.

After initial speculation hinted that Queensland would only open at 90% vaccination, the state yesterday confirmed they would follow the National Cabinet’s plan to open when the country hits its 80% target of vaccinated Aussies over 16 years old.

And Tehan was clear that this was the only way to open our borders.

“We have to stick to the national plan that will see our international border open up – at this rate by Christmas at the latest.”

“People will be able to freely travel outside of Australia, with no restrictions or no limitation,” he said.

“Obviously, it will be dependent on the requirements that are put in place of the countries that they are travelling with.”

According to Tehan, Australia’s vaccination certification QR code system is being tested for compatibility overseas.

“What we’ve seen so far and all the reports back, is that the QR code system – which has obviously been modelled on the international aviation organisation’s model of what they think is needed in a QR code – seems to be interoperable with most of the countries that we’ve been dealing with,” he said.

“So that when those international borders open and as I said in my speech, hopefully at the latest by Christmas, that Australians will be able to travel with a QR code link to their passport which will be able to show a proof of vaccination.”

This is perhaps the most positive indication that we have had from Government as to when we will be able to travel internationally again. It is good news!

Qantas have said that they will open flights to Johannesburg from April next year. Bookings are being taken already.

All the above adds up to Australians being able to travel to Africa again from April 2022. Of course you will have to be fully vaccinated and comply with any Covid protocols required by the county you visit, however none of them are too onerous to comply with. We are fully informed as to exactly what is required by each country so that we can make all the arrangements for you and avoid you falling into any traps along the way. All our African destinations are open to international visitors and some countries, such as Germany, already have two-way travel with no quarantine requirements.

What should you do? If you are thinking of going on a safari to Africa within the next 18 months or so, then you seriously need to start planning now or we risk not being able to find the space we want. We are ready to help you find your dream holiday.

Contact us now to have a chat and tell us your African travel wishes. We are available 24/7 so please don’t hesitate to call/contact us at your convenience.

Warm regards.
John Mitchell-Adams