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C-19, International Travel and Africa


It is time to bring you up to date with the current situation regarding travel to Africa and recommencing wild life safaris.
In previous correspondence I have mentioned what needs to happen before we can travel to Africa again with confidence. In summary:

  • Australian borders open for travel
  • International flights operating
  • African countries open to international travelers
  • C-19 under control with acceptable protocols in place
  • Game lodges, hotels and domestic African travel all operating
  • Our clients have the confidence to travel
  • A successful vaccine is available.

So where are we today? Let me deal with the vaccine issue first. It would appear that there are now many sources in stage 3 testing and if any one of these is approved we could find ourselves able to travel again provided that you have been vaccinated. This is the case with yellow fever and some African countries who demand you are vaccinated before allowing you in. The PM’s announcement this week is a POSITIVE indication of progress. Let us embrace this positive news! We have enough negative and bad news!!

Many countries around the world have now allowed their citizens to travel freely – but not Australia! This has resulted in African countries slowly opening up to International travelers. Of the countries that we visit the situation is as follows:

  • Kenya: Open to all travelers. C-19 protocols in place to protect everyone. Lodges open. Game viewing open.
  • Tanzania: Open to all travelers. C-19 protocols in place, Lodges and game drives operational.
  • Rwanda: Open as above. Limited number of clients allowed at a time to view gorillas.
  • Zambia: Fully open from 01/09/20. C-19 protocols in place. Proof of negative C-19 test within prior 14 days of arrival.
  • Malawi: As for Zambia.
  • South Africa: Inter Provincial travel permitted. Game lodges etc allowed to accept local visitors. Game activities permitted. C-19 protocols in place. International travelers not yet permitted but likely within 3 months
  • Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Mozambique: All on our watch list. Local travel permitted but no international travelers yet. Borders are still closed.

Outcome of above:

  • Lodges and hotels etc. can now potentially start earning some income
  • Lodge staff can be effectively employed again
  • Wild life protection against poaching will be effective again
  • Local people who rely on tourism can expect some small relief
  • Travelers from countries such as USA, UK, many European countries can, once again, enjoy a safari.
  • Australians cannot take advantage because of the strict travel restrictions out of Australia.

International Flights:

Qantas CEO, Alan Joyce, has made an amazing statement – “we will not reopen International flights until mid-2021!” Will this airline remain in hibernation if a vaccine is found and travel is permitted early in 2021? I doubt it. If we can travel I think they may start flying again. However if they don’t then we have other ways of getting our clients to Africa. There are good options with other airlines even though direct Sydney/Joburg flights may not happen.

What action do we recommend you take?

  • Contact us to explore your many options for travel in 2021 and 2022.
    2021 may be tight as far as availability goes but we can do amazing things with our excellent relationships with lodges
  • We have some lovely special offers for you.
  • We can secure any payments from loss.
  • Let us know what you would like us to do for you to make it easier to make decisions.

I have shown a cut from our friends at African Bush Camps below that encompasses exactly our views. Have a careful look at it and then chat to us.

I hope that this missive has given you some clearer understanding of the current situation. We, within the international tourism sector, are having a hell of a time trying to meet all our commitments and keep as many staff as possible on board. We have all had to cut down drastically and look forward to your patronage to ensure that we are here when things settle down and we can all enjoy African hospitality and wild life again.

Stay healthy, safe and positive.


John Mitchell-Adams

African bus camp image