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An Important Update on the Australian Dollar


It is said that it is an ill wind that brings no good at all! Well, as I am sure that you are aware our A$ is battling against some major currencies – the US$ in particular from our point of view. It is at its lowest for 10 years.

So how does an intelligent operator like Destinations Africa cope with this? Obviously we can have no direct effect on our A$ value. There are, however, a number of very interesting avenues open to us.

You – our clients – mainly travel to Africa for the following reasons:

  • To experience and see Africa’s amazing wild life. The “big five” are favourites but all the rest are highly sought out. We know the best places to send you with the very best guides.
  • To see and enjoy absolutely fabulous scenery from mountains, to desert, to delta, to savannah, to bushveld and grasslands, to forests, to beaches and oceans and even to beautiful cities like Cape Town.
  • To experience the wonderful and very varied cultures of the African people. So diverse, so colourful, so enigmatic and so exciting.
  • To meet the friendliest people on this earth. You, as a visitor, especially in the game reserves and country locations, are exceptionally welcomed by all the local people that you will come across. Laugh with them, have fun and simply enjoy the big smiles that you will find everywhere. Listen to wonderful stories and folklore around a fire at night with a full belly and a refreshing glass of your favourite brew!
  • To experience a veritable smorgasbord of tasty, delicious, fresh foods. Try new foods that are local. Enjoy a massive spread and variety of delicacies. You will never go hungry. Love deserts? Well you will be astounded at what is presented for your pleasure. The seafood is just not to be missed!
  • To enjoy the luxury and comfort of our selected game lodges and hotels. We only send you to those that we have personally approved to guarantee you the best value for your money.
  • To receive excellent value for every dollar invested.
  • To learn about new countries, new people and a myriad of new things.
  • To create memories that will last a lifetime.

Do you know that South Africa offers you every single one of the above experiences?

South Africa has the finest overall game viewing in Africa and certainly the best leopard viewing. In addition, the best reason to book now is that the South African rand is just above ZAR10.00 to A$1.00. Our A$ has even strengthened against the Rand in the last few days whilst we have lost against the US$.

leopard in southern africa

Therefore, we strongly recommend that you call us about arranging a Southern African safari holiday now because we can include Namibia within the Rand currency.

Then we can add Botswana, Zambia and Zimbabwe (which has the Victoria Falls and superb wild life) as US$ destinations – but only as a portion of your total safari holiday cost. All of this saves an appreciable amount on cost.

We are able to “mix and match” your itinerary to suit your budget. There is no need to despair over our A$ drop in value against the US$ when we can offer very attractive alternatives.

Contact us to enquire about your specific, personalised itinerary.

John Mitchell-Adams, Managing Director


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