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10 reason why you should book your safari holiday in 2022


Anyone who has been to holiday destinations in Africa cannot deny the exceptional experiences that this wonderful continent has in store. After you have set foot on its shores, Africa takes hold of your heart and never lets go.

An African safari might just be the best holiday you can give yourself. Here are our favourite reasons for visiting Africa:

1. All the wildlife

This is arguably the best reason to book your African holiday from Australia. There is no doubt that spotting wildlife roaming free in their natural habitat, is something magical.

A gracious cheetah making its way through the tall grass.

A herd of kudu pricking their ears while intently staring at you.

A hippo honking before it disappears under the water.

The diversity of Africa’s wildlife has intrigued tourists from all over the world, and it is easy to understand why. The impressive mammals; the colourful birdlife;the interesting insects… All these creatures will make you the envy of your Facebook friends and Instagram followers.

2. The ambience of a campfire

An end to a day on wildlife safari holidays are characterised by relaxing around a campfire with a drink in your hand. As you are hypnotised by the fleeting flames, you can think back on all the amazing wildlife you saw that day.

There is no better way to cap off the day than with a crackling fire, good company, and the surrounding African bush.

3. Getting to see natural wonders

Africa has no shortages of natural wonders to behold. It is in the presence of these wonders when one realises just how small you are in comparison. Experiencing the raw beauty that Africa offers should be on top of all bucket lists. Here are just some of our favourites:

Take in the splendour of Table Mountain in South Africa while ascending it by cable car.

Have your breath taken away in Zimbabwe by the Victoria Falls during a 12 minute helicopter flight over the falls.

Be enveloped by pure silence on top of the tallest sand dune in Sossusvlei, Namibia.

A mesmerising game drive in Tanzania in the vast and open plains of the Serengeti.

All of this is awaiting you on your next holiday safari.

4. An unequalled African orchestra

Roaring lions. A fish eagle’s call. The constant high-pitched buzzing of cicadas during the heat of the day. Hyenas crying from a distance in the pitch black darkness at night. Countless birds – each with their own distinct call that it brings to this natural choir.

African safari holidays play with all your senses. The animal orchestra never quiets down. It all adds to an unforgettable experience. Once you have heard it, your soul will long to hear it again… and again…

5. Unique experiences every day

There is no telling what you will see when going on a game drive. It is quite thrilling not knowing what is waiting behind the bend in the road. A pack of wild dogs with a kill? An elephant that lazily grazes on grass next to the road? Or a klipspringer relaxing on a rock in the shade? Every day holds something new.

The surprise that comes with each game drive is part of the fun on luxury holidays in Africa.

6. The African sunset

Yes, it is true that you are able to see beautiful sunsets anywhere in the world. But seeing the sun disappear behind the African horizon has got to be one of the best. Accompany that with a delicious sundowner at a lookout point during your African wildlife safari, and it will become one of the highlights of your trip.

7. Playing a part in conservation

The animals and their natural habitats need protection. When visiting national parks, you contribute to the fight of conservation by paying park fees. This assists rangers in their efforts to protect not only the endangered species, but all the other animals from poachers.

Keep that in mind when picking your safari destinations in Africa. By booking your holiday, you supply desperate needed funding to keep the wildlife safe.

8. Become the best photographer you can possibly be

A wildlife safari arguably provides the best photographic opportunities of any holiday. First of all you have the gorgeous scenery: mighty rivers, picturesque mountains, wide open plains, endless sand dunes. All make the perfect backdrop for an envious selfie, or a stunning photograph to showcase your skills.

More than that, you have the opportunity to capture the different animals. Each one with their own caricatures and personalities. Your new models will certainly provide a fun challenge, even if you are a seasoned photographer. What is more, you will be able to brag on social media about all your wonderful experiences.

9. Broaden your knowledge

What better way to learn about African animals than from guides who spend every day observing them? Your guides are not only there for your protection, but also to inform and entertain you.

The guides will be able to teach you facts about animals that you won’t read in any book. Creepy crawlies, our feathery friends, slippery lizards, and majestic mammals – they all have enduring stories to tell. Your luxury African safari will not only be relaxing, but also educational.

10. Support the locals

It is only logical that the lodges and hotels you visit during your wildlife safari holidays employ people from the local villages. Gratuities are also part of the African culture, and provide staff members with additional income to support their families.

What is more, your eyes are opened to different cultures and traditions. Interacting with staff members will give you valuable insight into who they are and where they come from.

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